14 responses to “Pico’s Crush: SFR Showcase”

  1. Jayne Fury

    Yay, thanks for sharing the blurb. Looks great!

  2. Pippa Jay

    How cute that she made him blush!

  3. Lea Kirk

    That awkward teenage moment when you discover your teacher and your dad know each other…. Love it.

  4. Aurora Springer

    I know academics, but none have great muscles!

  5. Ed Hoornaert

    I started reading the excerpt quickly, but then slowed down and even re-read it. Excellent, Carol!

  6. Veronica Scott

    I love this series with a wild passion so I can’t wait to read this new story. (Have a huge TBR pile going on…) I relished the military slang by the way – well done!

  7. Melisse Aires

    Jerzi is a great hero!