32 responses to “JUMPER’S HOPE: SFR Brigade Showcase”

  1. Lexie C.

    CAROL I love the new covers!!!

  2. Lea Kirk

    Yes, the covers are beautiful, and great excerpt! This series is in my TBR and I’m looking forward to reading. Happy Holidays, Carol. 🙂

  3. Michelle Diener

    Carol, these covers are so eye-catching!

  4. Sheila Hoag

    I love the covers, and I’ve found a new series to catch up on. TY for sharing.

  5. Shari Elder

    Great excerpt and blurb. On my TBR list.

  6. Aurora Springer

    Thanks for sharing and best wishes for the release!

  7. Kaye Manro

    Hi Carol, people are right about your book covers. Different! Liked your excerpt. Have a great Holiday!

  8. Kyndra Hatch

    Joining in on all the comments about your great book covers. Love them! And, oh my gosh, I loved the excerpt with Jess finding out the love he thought was lost is actually still alive.

  9. Greta van der Rol

    Hope it all goes well – the covers are great. Enjoy your holiday break.

  10. Pippa Jay

    Love the new cover on Zero Flux. Really must get up to date with my reading of the others.

  11. Misa Buckley

    Gorgeous covers, and an intriguing snippet.

  12. Christina Westcott

    Loveed this book. I started with the newest, and now I have to go back and play catch up.
    Have a wonderful holiday.

  13. Tess Rider

    Really love those covers. And great excerpt. Can’t wait to check out more of your work.

  14. Veronica Scott

    Excellent excerpt. This book really carried on the series in fine style. Quite the world you’ve built there! Happy Holidays!

  15. Pauline Baird Jones

    Great job! Wonderful covers!

  16. Michelle Howard

    I have this book and I’m reading them out of order but don’t care. They are fun to dive in on. This makes me want to play bump around even though I started another of your books already. LOL