2018 Annual Reader Survey

2018 Annual Reader Survey

I'd like to know more about you, because I think we have more in common than just a fondness for space opera.

Please take my 2018 annual reader survey to tell me what you like, and what kind of communication and content  you'd like to see from me in the future.

Bonus: You could win a prize!

2018 annual reader survey - you could win a prize

To reward you for completing the survey, on 12 February 2018, I'll select two random email addresses for prizes, and announce the winners in my next newsletter.


I love to hear from readers, but most of you don't write back when I send out a newsletter. I get that—I don't write back to newsletters, either, unless specifically asked—so I want to make sure I'm sending content you want to read, and at the frequency you want to receive it.

I'll tell you about the reader survey results in my newsletter so you can see how interesting we all are.



2018 annual reader survey