The Central Galactic Concordance Collection, Books 1-3

The Central Galactic Concordance Collection, Books 1-3
by Carol Van Natta

Come along, a millennium into the future… if you dare…



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Central Galactic Concordance Collection, Books 1-3 coverThe Central Galactic Concordance government boasts 500 member planets and 200 years of prosperity, thanks to the sprawling Citizen Protection Service. The agency uses any means necessary to keep the peace, from allying with giant pharma corporations and political maneuvering, to secret black-box projects with darker purposes.

The CPS also employs minders—people with telepathic and telekinetic talents—for service and security, and covert operations.

Being a minder isn't easy—they are followed by fear and prejudice. But being a “person of interest,” or of use to the CPS is even worse. Throw in corruption, hidden agendas, planet-sized secrets, and space battles…

Your only hope for survival is to know who your friends are… and keep them close.

Jump on board for the interstellar ride of a lifetime—read the first three books of this multi-award-winning series today.

The Central Galactic Concordance collection includes three full-length novels of space opera, adventure, mystery, and romance:

  • Overload Flux – Two loners fighting to stay alive discover they must now save the galaxy. Read a free excerpt
  • Minder Rising – A covert agent asked to train a prodigy telepath discovers he must first keep the boy and his mother alive in a gleaming city full of danger. Read a free excerpt
  • Pico's Crush – Trouble comes to paradise when a serial killer chooses a galaxy-famous college campus for his hunting ground. Read a free excerpt

“Space opera packed with diverse characters, intricate world-building, and plenty of intrigue” ~ Anna Hackett, USA TODAY Bestselling Author of the Hell Squad series

More books in the CGC series:


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Publisher: Chavanch Press, LLC
Publication Date: 11 April 2017
Cover Art: Gene Mollica Studio & Carol Van Natta
Length: Three novels (260,000 words combined)
Series: Central Galactic Concordance

SERIES NOTE: Book 1 is Overload Flux, a standalone story that introduces Luka Foxe and Mairwen Morganthur, and the Central Galactic Concordance universe. Book 2, Minder Rising, introduces Lièrén Sòng and Imara Sesay, and the ubiquitous Citizen Protection Service. Book 2.5, Zero Flux, is a novella with another adventure for Luka and Mairwen from Overload Flux. Book 3, Pico's Crush, stars Jerzi Adams, of Overload Flux, and includes cameo appearances by Luka and Mairwen, and Lièrén Sòng. Book 4, Jumper's Hope, introduces Kerzanna Nevarr, an ex-Jumper, and Jess Orowitz, each with a dark past and even darker secrets. Each book is a complete story, but your experience will be enhanced if you read the series in order.

About the Central Galactic Concordance Series: A millennium from now, humans have expanded civilization to more than 500 planets in the galaxy, thanks to faster-than-light space travel, interstellar communications, and sophisticated terraforming capabilities. The Central Galactic Concordance government maintains interstellar safety and commerce with the Concordance Command military and the Citizen Protection Service elite forces. The CPS also has another important function: testing, registering, and making use of minders, humans with talents in telepathy, telepathy, and patterns.

Peace and stability have reigned for two hundred years, but underneath, trouble is brewing. Minders with mid- and high-level talents usually find their way into CPS service, whether they want to or not, and the required enhancement drugs have debilitating side effects. Jumpers, the special forces personnel with added hardware and body reinforcements for piloting ships and operating mech-suits, often suffer from debilitating waster’s disease once they retire from service. The CPS has deeper, darker programs and powerful reasons to keep them secret. Minders, once a misunderstood minority, are now common in the human population, and want respect and freedom. The CPS, once the savior of civilization, has been using increasingly draconian measures to maintain control. Something has to give, and it won’t be pretty.

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Central Galactic Concordance Collection Books 1, 2, and 3