Author Resources for 2015

CompassIf you're reading this, you're probably a reader rather than an author, but some of you wear both hats (hi there, welcome the club), or would like to. Since writing is a business, whether you do it independently as I do, or for a publisher, I thought I'd point you to some author resources for 2015 that you might have missed. I stumbled across them toward the end of my quest to publish the first Central Galactic Concordance novel, and wish I'd seen them sooner.

 I am, in some ways, late to the independent publishing game. Amazon stormed the market with the first Kindle in 2008, and authors who could provide content for them quickly and market them well made a killing. Seven years later, the book marketing world has changed drastically, and the sand is still shifting under everyone's feet. The advantage of coming in so late, however, is the availability of resources in the form of people who are generously transparent about their adventures, good and bad, in publishing. If you're wanting to become an independent author, go for it. The paradigm is still changing, and there's plenty of opportunity, though I doubt there's one single, golden path to success—not that there ever was.

Author Resources: Marketing

Here are two relatively new podcasts that have good information. I believe both are available on iTunes, if that's your preference:

  • The Writing Podcast, hosted by fantasy authors Adam Poe and Lindsay Buroker. It's actually the reincarnation and reboot of the long-running and excellent Self-Publishing Roundtable (SPRT). Adam and Lindsay joined as co-hosts in the fall, only to have the final SPRT founder leave. Adam and Lindsay decided to continue the endeavor in The Writing Podcast. Their first episode was December 19, and they plan weekly broadcasts with guests from the independent and traditional publishing world.
  • The Marketing Science Fiction & Fantasy Podcast, also hosted by Lindsay Buroker, this time with science fiction author Joseph Lallo, Jeffrey Poole, and Laura Kirwan. It started in September 2014, and they talk a lot about marketing, but also address other publishing topics.

I'll also give a shout-out to Lindsay's blog, under the categories “E-Book Endeavors” and “Pen Name Project.” With 15 novels plus short stories and novellas, she's got a wealth of experience and has provided some nice, juicy details.

  • The folks at Romancing the Genre in the U.K. have an interesting post on The Changing Market.

Writing as a Career

Kris Rusch, a demi-god in the indie publishing world, has a long and fascinating, in a slap-upside-the-head way, article on The Things Indie Writers Learned in 2014, to go with its earlier companion piece, What Traditional Publishers Learned in 2014.

Fellow Travelers

Lastly, if you haven't already found them, check out the Writer's Café at It's sometimes like drinking from the fire hose, but the authors who post there are supportive, and provide very useful details on what worked for them and what didn't, from marketing, to dealing with Amazon, to finding and editor or a cover artist, to celebrating milestones.

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Feel free to post a comment and share your favorite resources.