Spark Transform

Spark Transform (Central Galactic Concordance • Book 5)
by Carol Van Natta


Spark Transform - COMING SOON Spark Transform continues the Central Galactic Concordance space opera-adventure-romance series, and features both new and returning characters from previous books.

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About the Central Galactic Concordance Series: A millennium from now, humans have expanded civilization to more than 500 planets in the galaxy, thanks to faster-than-light space travel, interstellar communications, and sophisticated terraforming capabilities. The Central Galactic Concordance government maintains interstellar safety and commerce with the Concordance Command military and the Citizen Protection Service elite forces. The CPS also has another important function: testing, registering, and making use of minders, humans with talents in telepathy, telepathy, and patterns.

Peace and stability have reigned for two hundred years, but underneath, trouble is brewing. Minders with mid- and high-level talents usually find their way into CPS service, whether they want to or not, and the required enhancement drugs have debilitating side effects. Jumpers, the special forces personnel with added hardware and body reinforcements for piloting ships and operating mech-suits, often suffer from debilitating waster’s disease once they retire from service. The CPS has deeper, darker programs and powerful reasons to keep them secret. Minders, once a misunderstood minority, are now common in the human population, and want respect and freedom. The CPS, once the savior of civilization, has been using increasingly draconian measures to maintain control. Something has to give, and it won’t be pretty.