Last Ship Off Polaris-G


Last Ship Off Polaris-G

Last Ship Off Polaris-G, A Scifi Space Opera Romance with Psychics and Intrigue on the Galactic Frontier ✦

Central Galactic Concordance Book 1

Last Ship Off Polaris-G e-book cover

When 4,000 colonists are stranded on a dying planet, two ex-lovers and an ancient freighter are their only hope for survival.

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“…the world building, action, and romance all add up to one irresistible read” — Sarah E. Gradley, InD'tale Magazine


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Last Ship Off Polaris-G book cover


Planetary blockades. Rampant viral outbreaks. Can two ex-lovers forge a path through the stars to save their world?

Independent trader Gavril Danilovich is slowly slipping into madness. Stuck in quarantine on a dying planet, his raw talent to feel everyone’s emotions has him wrestling with waves of terror and rage. So when the woman who holds his heart offers an opportunity for isolation by repairing a mothballed freighter, he jumps at the chance.

Anitra Helden can’t outrun her past. Hiring the only man she trusts to fix up a spaceship destined to fill a new settlement with supplies, she fears for the population’s safety when thieves steal valuable goods. And after she’s invited to join a covert plan to protect all colonists, she’s terrified one misspoken word could burn all her bridges.

Racing the clock to prepare the vessel in time, Gavril struggles to master his painful empathy or face being trapped on the ground forever. And with the stranded citizens desperate for Anitra’s help, she’s confronted with the decision to expose her dangerous history… or lose everything she’s built.

Can they escape the stricken planet before they’re doomed by intergalactic corruption?

Last Ship Off Polaris-G is a fast-paced prequel to the Central Galactic Concordance space opera romance series. If you like heated attraction, seeds of a rebellion, and psychic gifts, then you’ll love Carol Van Natta’s action-packed story.

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Series: Central Galactic Concordance, Book 1 (see the CGC series page)

Series Note: There's a big damn story arc in progress in the Central Galactic Concordance. The main series is numbered and more enjoyable when read in order, so start with Last Ship Off Polaris-G (Book 1) and Overload Flux (Book 2). For standalone stories, check out the unnumbered books such as Pet Trade, Cats of War, and Galactic Search and Rescue. These are shorter stories in the same universe and timeline, but are easy to read on their own.

Last Ship Off Polaris-G is rated R for language, violence, and sexual situations. This story features first, second, and last chances, people making hard choices, and cameo appearances by cats.

Keywords: Space opera, science fiction romance, scifi adventure, psychic powers, galactic empire

Last Ship Off Polaris-G in ebook and paperback

★★★★★ Praise for Last Ship Off Polaris-G

“Last Ship off Polaris-G has all the elements needed for a great Science Fiction Romance” — Jo Jones, Mixed Book Bag

“…a rollicking good space opera!” — Susan, Goodreads

“This was one of those stories that you never want to end” — Zaona, Amazon

Publisher: Chavanch Press, LLC
Publication Date: June 2018
Cover Design: Razzle Dazzle Design
Editor: Shelley Holloway, Holloway House

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