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Hi there, and welcome to my website. I'm Carol Van Natta, a USA TODAY bestselling author of science fiction, space opera, fantasy, and paranormal romance. Come on in!

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Stylized illustration of a girl wearing headphones and holding a phone in a futuristic setting, generated by MidJourney

AI Art for Spring 2024

As far as generative AI art services, I find that MidJourney (MJ) is still the leader for most things I want to do. Not all, mind you, because sometimes MJ whiffs it. As I've mentioned before, the services vary significantly across the platforms in terms of prompts. What works well in one may be a…

Audiobook News for 2024

Audiobook News for 2024

In audiobook news for 2024, if you've been looking for audiobook versions of my stories, there's been a glitch. The good news is that my Ice Age Shifters® paranormal romance series has audiobook versions. My Central Galactic Concordance space opera series had audiobook versions, and will have again. The bad news is that none of…