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About Carol Van Natta, USA TODAY Bestselling Science Fiction and Fantasy Author

Photo of author Carol Van NattaHi, there. I write science fiction and fantasy stories that take you out of this world. I share my Fort Collins, Colorado home with just the right number of mad-scientist cats, to whom I often read out loud (doesn't everyone?).

I am currently in progress with a space opera romance series, Central Galactic Concordance, starting with Last Ship Off Polaris-G. There's a big damn story arc going on, plus some novellas. I also write the Ice Age Shifters® paranormal romance series that starts with Shifter Mate Magic. These are more loosely related and can be read as standalones, for the most part.

Most of my books are available as ebooks and paperbacks from most major online booksellers, and professionally narrated audiobooks as soon as I can get them produced. 

If you like science fiction romances with adventure, love, and pets, check out the Pets in Space® anthologies. I've written several novellas for them, and took over ownership and editing of the anthology in 2021. 

In Graves Below is a standalone paranormal romance in S.E. Smith's “Worlds of Magic, New Mexico” universe.

If you’d like to read something completely and totally different, with a quirky YA feel, look for Hooray for Holopticon. It's a retro science fiction comedy, co-written with Ann Harbour. Trust me, it’s nothing at all like the Central Galactic Concordance series, but it’s a fine, silly romp suitable for teens and adults. 

Visit my store to buy all my books directly from me, plus some extra fun stuff. Please note that all sales are final.

In my career, I’ve been a risk management specialist, technical writer, singer, actor, non-profit director, Tai Chi instructor, and of course, an author. I still do some of those things so I can eat regularly and sleep indoors.

I have also written screenplays and theatrical plays.


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Carol Van Natta and Melisse Aires at Fort Collins Comic Con

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