Overload Flux

OVERLOAD FLUX ★ Space Opera ★ Adventure ★ Romance

Overload Flux

Central Galactic Concordance Book 1

Overload Flux


As a lethal pandemic ravages the galaxy, investigator Luka and security guard Mairwen risk everything to find the missing vaccine!
“A brilliant, suspenseful tale that will keep readers captivated from beginning to end” (New York Times bestselling author S.E. Smith)


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Overload Flux cover

When the cure for a deadly disease is stolen, two misfits are all that stands between greed and intergalactic tragedy.

Luka Foxe can’t let anyone know about his secret mental abilities. Debilitated by their influence when faced with violence, the brilliant forensic investigator now only takes assignments involving theft. But when he has to hunt down a hijacked vaccine for a galaxy-wide pandemic, the tragic first clue is his best friend’s brutal murder.

Nightshift guard Mairwen Morganthur knows she must keep a low profile. The product of illegal genetic alteration, she’s a lethal weapon with no social graces. But when she’s tasked to protect a detective with frightening intuition, she finds herself falling for him even though he could expose her.

Racing to recover the cure for a galaxy-wide pandemic, Luka is surprised by his developing feelings for the capable-but-mysterious guard. And Mairwen may have to risk everything by revealing her identity, with deadly mercenaries hot on their tail.

Can the unlikely pair survive an interplanetary conspiracy long enough to save lives and find love?

Overload Flux is the first novel in the sweeping Central Galactic Concordance space opera series. If you like haunted characters, compelling mysteries, and interstellar romance, then you’ll enjoy Carol Van Natta’s epic tale.

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“Overload Flux is a brilliant, suspenseful tale that will keep readers captivated from beginning to end.” ~ S.E. Smith, New York Times & USA TODAY Bestselling Author of The Alliance series.
* * 2014 SFR Galaxy Award winner * *
* * 2015 National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award Finalist * *

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Winner, 2014 SFR Galaxy Award



Publisher: Chavanch Press, LLC
Publication Date: 18 October 2014
ISBN: 978-0983174196
Cover Art: Gene Mollica Studio
Copy Editor: Shelley Holloway (Holloway House)
Length: Novel (101,500 words)
Series: Central Galactic Concordance, Book 1

SERIES NOTE: Book 2 is Minder Rising, a standalone story that takes place after the events of Overload Flux. Book 2.5 is Zero Flux, a novella that features Luka and Mairwen from Overload Flux. Book 3, Pico's Crush, stars Jerzi Adams, of Overload Flux, and includes cameo appearances by Luka and Mairwen, as well as by Lièrén Sòng from Minder Rising. Book 4, Jumper's Hope introduces new characters and features a returning character or two from Pico's Crush. Each book is a complete story with no cliffhanger, but your experience will be enhanced if you read the series in order.


“…a good read that any sci-fi or romantic suspense reader would enjoy.” — C.E. Kilgore, award-winning author of The Ghost in the Machine

“If you like intrigue, action and love with your intergalactic travel … then this is the book for you!!” — Mel Low, Amazon.com, 12/8/2014

“At its heart, it’s hard SF with a depth of character and story that is not only memorable and fun to read, but has me hoping the next in the series will not be long in arriving.” — Judy F Brenneman, Amazon.com, 12/12/2014

“I stayed up so late last night finishing this, it was that good.” — Turtles (a.k.a. Mary Justis), Amazon.com, 11/28/2014

“I love Sci Fi and romance put together. It's a great combination. It takes a lot of skill to put the two together and Carol Van Natta brought it to this book.” — April Millman, Amazon.com, 11/26/2014

“By the end I was cheering for the characters. What more can you ask? P.S. when is the next book coming out?” — Philip D. Long, Amazon.com, 11/30/2014

“…exercises your brain and gets your heart pumping…” — romancelady, Amazon.com, 11/30/2014


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Overload Flux is book one of the Central Galactic Concordance series