The Galactic Pets Collection


The Galactic Pets Collection

Three Space Opera Romances with Adventure & Pets

Central Galactic Concordance Series

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The Galactic Pets Collection:

Pet Trade 🌟 An injured veterinarian must confront her fears when an unknown man appears on her doorstep with a shipment of designer pets.

Cats of War 🌟 A tarnished military Subcaptain must decide between saving his career or helping a repair technician rescue two special cats.

Galactic Search and Rescue 🌟 Two star-crossed rescuers and an unusual trained animal crew must save a town… and each other.


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“One of my top three favorite series out there. Complex world, plot, and characters who were as engaging as ever.” ~ Sophia Rose, Goodreads

“I will pick up anything written by Carol Van Natta (or with a CVN story in it)… especially if it’s set in the world of the Central Galactic Concordance!” ~ L.E., Goodreads

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The Galactic Pets Collection paperback

About The Galactic Pets Collection…

Visit exciting new worlds in three thrilling tales by USA TODAY bestselling author Carol Van Natta!

A wounded veterinarian with trust issues and a cyborg with rescued pets… a tarnished military subcaptain investigating trouble and a repair technician hiding unusual cats… two star-crossed rescuers and an unorthodox team of animals…

  • In PET TRADE, an elite forces veteran crash lands on a frontier planet with a cargo full of designer pets and must seek the help of a talented but damaged veterinarian to help him save them and the town.
  • In CATS OF WAR, a repair technician hiding from her past must convince a tarnished military Subcaptain to help her save two special cats before trouble engulfs them all.
  • In GALACTIC SEARCH AND RESCUE, when disaster response turns deadly, can two star-crossed Galactic Search and Rescue responders fight their own agency—and their feelings for each other—to save an entire town?

If you love space opera romance, adventure, and pets, jet to the future with The Galactic Pets Collection today!

These three stories debuted in the Pets in Space® anthologies. Want even more galactic pets? Check out Escape from Nova Nine!

Note to Readers: The Galactic Pets stories debuted in the limited edition Pets in Space® science fiction romance anthology series. Pet Trade is unchanged from the original. Cats of War and Galactic Search and Rescue are expanded versions.

Series: Central Galactic Concordance (see the CGC series page)

The Galactic Pets stories are rated PG-13 for language, violence, and sexual situations. None of the pets die, but a villain or two might come to a deserving end.

There's a big damn story arc going on in the main series. These stories are in the same time frame, but are side-trips from the thrilling events unfolding in the galaxy. Intrigued? Start the book with book, Last Ship Off Polaris-G, and book 2, Overload Flux.

Pets in Space proudly supports Hero Dogs (, a charity that provides trained service dogs to disabled veterans and first-responders. Their mission inspired the characters, both human and otherwise, in my stories.

Keywords: Space opera, science fiction romance, scifi adventure, genetic engineering, pets, galactic empire, cyborgs, space marine, first-responders, disaster recovery

The Galactic Pets Collection in ebook and paperback

★★★★★ Praise for The Galactic Pets Collection

“I really liked reading about all the unique pets” — kindle customer, Amazon

“The animals each have personalities of their own and play integral parts in the plot.” — Denizen of Ballard, Amazon

“I am in love with the series, the author's style and elaborate futuristic space world” — Sophia Rose, Amazon

Publisher: Chavanch Press, LLC
Publication Date: 8 May 2022
Cover Design: Razzle Dazzle Design
Illustrations: Nyssa Juneau & Adrian DKC

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