Zero Flux


Zero Flux

Zero Flux, A Space Opera Action Adventure with Mystery and Danger ✦

A Central Galactic Concordance Novella

Zero Flux e-book cover


Luka and Mairwen (Overload Flux) take on a very cold case, a secret lab, and the find of a lifetime. Which of these is worth killing for? They must find out before someone takes them out of the equation.

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“A Fabulous Interlude in the Series that Follows up on Overload Flux Characters” — Sophia Rose


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*Zero Flux book cover


A couple investigating murder on a cold planet discovers their first challenge is staying alive.

Forensic investigator Luka Foxe has begun a new life with Mairwen Morganthur (Overload Flux), and left his troubled past far behind. Only a plea from his old friend and mentor can lure him back to investigate a violent crime scene frozen in an ice cave. Unfortunately, Luka's old friend knows far more than he's telling, which could get them all killed, even with security specialist Mairwen on their side.

An unexpected ice fall reveals a hidden lab buried deep in a mountain and the find of a lifetime. Now someone is trying to make sure those secrets stay frozen in time, even if it means more deaths …

Hang on for a space opera murder mystery in the far reaches of deep space—get your copy of Zero Flux today!

Zero Flux is a complete story. It can be enjoyed without having read the series, but your experience will be enhanced if you've read Overload Flux.


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Series: Central Galactic Concordance, book 3.5 (see the CGC series page)

Series Note: There's a big damn story arc in progress in the Central Galactic Concordance. The main series is numbered and more enjoyable when read in order, so start with Last Ship Off Polaris-G (Book 1) and Overload Flux (Book 2). For standalone stories, check out the unnumbered books such as Pet Trade, Cats of War, and Galactic Search and Rescue. These are shorter stories in the same universe and timeline, but are easy to read on their own.

Keywords: Space opera, science fiction romance, scifi adventure, psychic powers, galactic empire

Zero Flux in ebook and paperback

★★★★★ Praise for Zero Flux

“A science fiction police procedural with some action-adventure on the side and a breath of romance ” — Erin Penn, Amazon

“Two of my favourite characters are back – Mairwen and Luka from the first Galactic Concordance novel.” — Catherine Mackay, Amazon

“I was delighted to see a new story featuring Mairwen and Luka” — Jill B, Amazon

Publisher: Chavanch Press, LLC
Publication Date: 21 September 2015
Cover Design: Amanda Kelsey at Razzle Dazzle Design.
Editor: Shelley Holloway (Holloway House)

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