Buying Direct from Me

Buying Direct from Me

I sell books and fun stuff related to my books at my website. Here are the behind-the-scenes details when buying direct from me.


Example of the PayHip screen when buying directly from meWhen you buy ebooks directly from me, the link from my store or in my post sends you to a listing page at the secure PayHip site. That's where you enter your name and payment details (and any discount coupon codes). They'll give you a download page right away. However, you may instead want to wait for the email confirmation and special link from BookFunnel. They have superb customer service if you're having trouble getting the correct file loaded on your device.

If you're in the U.S., PayHip won't charge sales tax because it's a U.K. company. If you're in the U.K. or a country with a trade agreement with them, PayHip will charge the appropriate VAT for your country for ebook sales.

By the way, if you have a discount coupon, the place to add it is on the Buy Now popup window at the bottom, just above the Buy Now button. Click the “Add coupon” link. In the second popup window, enter the code, then click the Add Coupon button. Back on the Buy Now popup, you'll see the discounted price. Click the Buy Now button to complete the purchase.

Arrow pointing to the coupon link at the bottom of the  of the popup window for buying ta book    The popup window for entering the coupon code to apply to a purchase


Note that when you buy ebooks directly from me, you own the digital file(s) and can put it/them on any or all of your devices, and make backups so your library is secure. However, the content— the words that make up the story— is only licensed, and only to you. This means you can't legally send, lend, or sell the file to anyone else. I can't stop you, of course, but I will point out that ebooks are very reasonably priced gifts that bring hours of entertainment to the recipients.

When you buy paperback books directly from me, it's almost always in person, such as at a convention or book fair. I can take cash or a credit card via Square. If you want signed paperback books from me sent by mail to a U.S. address, please use the Contact form to ask what's available and tell me your zip code so I can tell you what shipping will cost. I don't do this very often because the cost to you is usually close to or even higher than the book price. I don't know much about shipping outside the U.S., except that it's slow and hideously expensive.

Fun Stuff

Screen shot from the vendor when buying direct from meWhen you buy T-shirts, mugs, tote bags, and other fun stuff from me, the link sends you to the corret print-on-demand store, such as Zazzle or Threadless. They handle the selections, payment, and shipping, plus any customer service issues with orders. I don't sell these in person, though I've been known to give them away as prizes or gifts.

If you have an idea for something you'd like to buy, use the Contact form to tell me and I'll see what I can do.

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