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Text that says Nothing compares to the magic of books. Photos of space opera romance paperback books.

This page lists all the paperback versions of my books. Ebooks are a wonder, but there's great comfort in holding a book in your hands, and knowing where you are in the story. They're all available through Amazon (which are affiliate links, by the way), and most are available through Barnes & Noble. I'll update this page as new paperbacks are published. (Current as of 18 July 2022)

P.S. If you like audiobooks, check out this page.

Space Opera Romance



  • Galactic Pets Collection (with Pet Trade, Cats of War, and Galactic Search and Rescue🚀 Amazon • Barnes & Noble
  • Escape from Nova Nine 🚀 Amazon • Coming soon to Barnes & Noble
  • Pet Trade 🚀 Amazon • Coming soon to Barnes & Noble
  • Cats of War 🚀 Amazon • Coming soon to Barnes & Noble
  • Galactic Search and Rescue (coming soon to Amazon and Barnes & Noble)

Paranormal Romance