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Hi there. I’m Carol Van Natta, and I write science fiction, space opera, and paranormal romance. Be the first to find out about new releases by signing up for my newsletter. Check out my books, my blog, and the extras for readers.

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  • Screenplay Adaptation: Overload Flux

    Screenplay Adaptation: Overload Flux

    What would a screenplay adaptation of Overload Flux, the first book in my space opera series, look like? Glad you asked. Screenplay Adaptation of Books Books get made into movies all the time, even science fiction books (just ask Andy Weir about The Martian). Even series get made into films, such as Harry Potter and [Read the rest…]

  • Writing Cross Genre

    Writing Cross Genre

    Writing Cross Genre, or How I Got Hit by the Cross-Genre Bus My flagship series is the Central Galactic Concordance series, a sprawling space opera with a big damn story arc that I figure will take at least nine books to do it justice. My muse’s home planet is science fiction, probably because I was [Read the rest…]

  • Solstice SFR Sale, June 17-20

    Solstice SFR Sale, June 17-20

    Solstice SFR Sale The upcoming solstice — summer for the northern hemisphere, winter for the southern — is a good reason to read science fiction romance. Actually, any day is a good day to read science fiction romance, but here’s your chance to get seven great SFR books for 99¢ (USD or equivalent) or free! [Read the rest…]

  • I'm a Fan of Fan Fiction

    I’m a Fan of Fan Fiction

    Fan Fiction Rocks Hi, my name is Carol, and even though I’m a professional science fiction and fantasy author, I’m a big fan of fan fiction. There; I’ve said it. Fan fiction is, according to Wikipedia, “fiction about characters or settings from an original work of fiction, created by fans of that work rather than [Read the rest…]

  • New Release: In Graves Below + Big SF&F 99¢ Sale

    New Release: In Graves Below + Big SF&F 99¢ Sale

    New Release: In Graves Below (Magic, New Mexico) A disabled veteran and a dancer vs. a demon horde that wants to eat Denver. No pressure! Buy In Graves Below today and find out if demons turn Denver into an all-you-can-eat buffet. . Riya Sanobal, a mostly-human rarity in her magical family, hides her heritage and magical talent [Read the rest…]