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Galaxy Day 99¢ Sale Weekend

Just a quick post to let you know about a weekend sale on 8 fabulous science fiction romance.   Galaxy Day 99¢ Sale — 19-21 January 2018   Galaxy Day commemorates the first successful faster-than-light voyage to the stars. What better way to celebrate than reading fabulous space opera and science fiction romances? I cajoled […]

Telling Time in the Future

Telling Time in the Future We’ll need a system for telling time in the future that works on more than just one planet, or we’ll always be late for our birthday own parties. Our most accurate timekeeping system today is based on frequency of electrons in certain atoms (e.g., cesium) to behave with extreme predictability […]

The Year of Having a Plan

The Year of Having a Plan This will be my year of having a plan. I’m more of a look-forward kind of person, so I’ll recap 2017 briefly and tell you about my author-related plans for 2018. I’m a look-forward kind of person. (Good thing I write science fiction, eh?) I’m lamentably bad about remembering […]

Reading Recommendations for the Holidays 2017

Reading Recommendations for the Holidays (2017) — Books I Love, and Hope You Will, Too I love to read. Books are my boon companions and the chance to visit worlds that aren’t my own. However, I tank at writing reviews, because I know exactly how much work goes into writing a book, so I can’t […]

Cosplay for My Cat

Cosplay for My Cat, or, Authors Are Daft To promote Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2, I decided to come up with a cosplay for my cat. This is a cautionary tale for those of you planning similar endeavors. In my novella, “Pet Trade,” one of the twelve stories in the Pets in Space […]

A Dire Wolf at the Door

A Dire Wolf at the Door in Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2 Cross-posted at author Cara Bristol’s blog on 18 October 2017 I’ve always been fascinated by paleontology, and love seeing artist’s depictions of what long-extinct creatures might have looked like based on the sometimes sparse fossil record we’ve discovered. We know some […]