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Galactic Pirates Collection: A Kickstarter Special

Announcing my first Kickstarter campaign — whee! I'm calling it the Galactic Pirates Collection, a Kickstarter special. It's in pre-launch right now while I finalize all the parts that make it special.


The campaign will start a short run at the end of this month. If you don't want to miss out, click the button below to get on the “tell me first!” list and back the campaign.

New to Kickstarter? See this post for how it works.

The Galactic Pirates Collection, a Kickstarter special

The Galactic Pirates Collection Rewards

The Galactic Pirates Collection includes Escape from Nova Nine and An Entanglement of Griffins. They both appeared in previous Pets in Space® anthologies. An Entanglement of Griffins is a new, expanded version of that story.

NOTE: If you're new to my space opera romance series: While these two stories have crossover characters, you won't be lost if you haven't read any of the other books.

These ebooks — the single titles and the collection — are Kickstarter-exclusives. They'll have fancy formatting and interior illustrations. Backers also get a custom coloring page to print and decorate. There will be other ebooks available and more rewards coming, too.

You can back the campaign for as little as $1 just to show support. But I hope you'll choose the Galactic Pirates Collection with its lovingly illustrated ebooks and newly expanded story.

  • Escape from Nova Nine: Julke is a space pirate with vital information. Zade a wanted fugitive with enemies hot on his afterburner. Will their unexpected attraction survive escaping a dangerous asteroid mine in time to avert disaster?
  • An Entanglement of Griffins: Lark gave up interstellar trading to run a sanctuary for genetically-engineered griffins. Pim is a space pirate sent to handle trouble. Together, they'll have to risk everything or lose it all… including each other.
Escape from Nova Nine plus a coloring page, part of the Galactic Pirates Collection Kickstarter special edition
An Entanglement of Griffins plus a coloring page, part of the Galactic Pirates Collection Kickstarter special edition

Please join me in my first Kickstarter adventure!