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This Is Me, Among Big-Name Authors

Me, Quoted in a National Newspaper

I'm sure some readers of this blog are used to publicity and seeing their names in the paper, but I'm not, so I'm feeling pretty good about being quoted in the “Happily Ever After” column of USA Today. I know, that and $5 gets me a nice chai tea latte, but it feels like a little milestone to me, so please indulge my smugness.


Sci-Fi Encounters--USAToday

 Veronica Scott asked the winners of the SFR Galaxy Awards (of which I'm one!) why we like to write science fiction romance, and here's my answer: 

Science-fiction plus romance offers the best of both worlds — a vision of a futuristic universe where anything can happen, and active characters with heart (and often a laser pistol or two). My muse's home base is science-fiction and fantasy, but likes to visit romance, space opera, action adventure and mystery. Writing the Central Galactic Concordance series gives me the venue to explore ideas, morals and challenges that are bigger than the scandal or crisis du jour, and what better way than through the universal lens of human relationships?

Read the article, if only to find out who's doing interesting things in the world of SF romance.