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fantasy illustration of a pretty Black woman with flowers in her hair, generated by MidJourney

A.I. Art for February 2023 Like most endeavors, learning to use A.I. tools takes time and practice. Plus, the tools are in active development, meaning we users are all shooting at a moving target. This is my A.I. art for February 2023. Click the images below to see bigger version. For people using smaller devices, […]

Playlist for Escape from Nova Nine

Playlist for Escape from Nova Nine Music has been a big part of my life. It can be center stage, where a song can take my whole attention. Especially if I’m the one singing it. 😉 Or it can be the subtle background accompaniment to something I’m doing, from Tai chi to cleaning to just […]

Release Day for Escape from Nova Nine

Release Day for Escape from Nova Nine Hooray! 🎉 It’s release day for Escape from Nova Nine! Note to Readers: This story first appeared in the limited-edition Pets in Space 6 science fiction romance anthology. This standalone version has been expanded from the original. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Escape from Nova Nine (A Central […]

Pets in Space 6 is Green Go!

Pets in Space 6 is Green Go! Have you been missing your Pets in Space®? I am thrilled to announce that the USA TODAY bestselling and award-winning Pets in Space® anthology will be back for its sixth year… and you can lock in your copy today! Pets in Space 6 is green go!   Pets in […]

Galactic Search and Rescue to the rescue

Get Rescued Today with Galactic Search and Rescue Galactic Search and Rescue is alive at all ebook sellers today. Yeah, I admit it it’s a cheesy headline, but books can be a great refuge from stress, so maybe you’re in need of getting rescued right about now. This story is an expanded version of the […]

Galactic Search and Rescue Cover

Cover Reveal – Galactic Search and Rescue This is the excellent cover for Galactic Search and Rescue, which is slated for release on Thurs., 20 May 2021. The talented Amanda Kelsey designed it, and I love the eye-catching colors that hint at disaster. The story originally appeared in 2020’s science fiction romance anthology, Pets in […]

The Tropes Less Traveled - illustration of a book, a compass, and a path toward a tree

The Tropes Less Traveled A reader on Facebook asked the authors in the science fiction and fantasy group about tropes for their books, which sparked a lively discussion. We discussed hot trends, old favorites, and those we hope never to see again. This got me thinking about my own books, and how some of them […]

New Captain at Pets in Space - Illustration of a woman and a cat standing in a spaceport

New Captain at Pets in Space You may have noticed that I’ve absolutely adored Pets in Space® concept and the charity it supports, Enough so that I’ve contributed stories to three of the five anthologies since it started, including this year’s Pets in Space 5. Today, I’m announcing that starting in 2021, I’ll be […]

Pets in Space 4 supports

Pets in Space 4 is Here! Hooray! The 2019 Pets in Space 4 anthology is here! The best-selling and award-winning Pets in Space® anthologies are near and dear to my heart, and not just because past volumes included my stories Pet Trade and Cats of War. First of all, if I ever get to have […]

Pets in Space 4 - Help a vet - buy a book

What’s So Special About Pets in Space? by Special Guest S.E. Smith PETS IN SPACE 4, the latest Pets in Space anthology, is here! I invited my buddy Susan, better known as NY Times and USA TODAY bestselling author S.E. Smith, over for virtual tea and crumpets (and a bit of Baileys Irish) to tell […]

The Pets Are Back!

The Pets Are Back! Embrace the Passion: Pets in Space 3 Launches 9 October The pets are back! And lucky me, I am one of the authors of this highly anticipated and regarded anthology. This year’s book, Embrace the Passion: Pets in Space 3 will release on 9 October and once again, 10% of pre-orders […]

Shifter Mate Magic, Writing To Market, and More (Podcast)

Shifter Mate Magic, Writing to Market, and What I’m Work On (Podcast) Carol Van Natta’s Video Podcast #8 This is my author podcast number 8, wherein I talk about Shifter Mate Magic, and writing what you love and writing for money. It was thunder and lightning, very very frightening, during the podcast, and the cats […]

Ice Age Shifters, Pets in Space 3, and Author Reading (Podcast)

Ice Age Shifters, Pets in Space 3, and Author Reading Carol Van Natta’s Video Podcast #7 This is my author podcast number 7, wherein I talk about my new series, Ice Age Shifters, Pets in Space 3, and read to you. Oh, and I talk about Fort Collins Comic Con’s benefit event, the Kessel Run. […]

Pet Trade Release Day

Pet Trade Release Day is Here! Limber up that one-click finger, because Pet Trade release day is finally here. It’s space opera, with pets! Amazon Kobo iTunes Nook Google Play Amazon CA Amazon UK Amazon AU Pet Trade (A Central Galactic Concordance Novella) by Carol Van Natta An injured veterinarian and a cyborg with unusual […]

Pets in Space is Back!

Pets in Space Is Back, and I Am One of the Authors Remember I told you that the USA TODAY bestselling, award-winning Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2 anthology has left the galaxy forever? Well, it still has, but here’s the good news: Pets in Space is back for 2018… and lucky me, I’m […]