The Galactic Pirates Collection: A Kickstarter Project

Galactic Pirates Collection: Kickstarter Special Announcing my first Kickstarter campaign — whee! I’m calling it the Galactic Pirates Collection, a Kickstarter special. It’s in pre-launch right now while I finalize all the parts that make it special. The campaign will start a short run at the end of this month. If you don’t want to […]

Abstract illustration showing white on one half and blue stars on the other, with starships leaving the blue stars, generated by MidJourney

AI Art for Winter 2024 Several highly popular generative AI art services continue to roll out new versions. I primarily use MidJourney, but dabble in others, notably NightCafé. I’ve seen impressive results by others from DALL-E v. 3, but I haven’t played with it myself for over a year. The nuances of prompting — describing […]

Infographic on How to Kickstarter a project: Find a project, select a reward, choose your extras, confirm your pledge, get rewarded.

How to Kickstart(er) a Project Kickstarter is an online all-or-nothing crowdfunding platform that helps people find creative projects to support. Artists offer special benefits to people who pledge support for a creative project. If the project meets its funding goal, the artist gets the funds, and the backers get the rewards. If the project doesn’t […]

Illustration of a futuristic computer table, and the words "PLANS 2024"

Plans for 2024 Most years, but not all (looking at you, horrible COVID year!), it’s fun to look ahead. I come from a long line of folks who are rather bad at looking back, so that section will be brief. The more interesting sections — to me, at any rate — are plans for 2024.  […]

Coloring Pages Just For Fun

Coloring Pages For Fun Sometimes when I need a break so my brain can have time to think, but I can’t go for a walk, I get generative AI art services to make some coloring pages just for fun. As is always the way with A.I. anything, some attempts are more successful than others.  Fair […]

Photo of a famous Icelandic rock sculpture by Páll Guðmundsson that resembles a giant troll. Photo (c) 2023 Carol Van Natta.

Fabulous Iceland Adventure, Part 2 When my friend and part-time travel companion Nancy and her husband Harl said, “Let’s go to Iceland!”, I said “yes.” This post has lots of photos from my fabulous Iceland adventure Part 2. (Click the photos to see bigger versions.) See my other post, Fabulous Iceland Adventure Part 1, for […]

Ink and watercolor illustration of a rocketship launching from a stack of books, generated by MidJourney

AI Art Adventures for Autumn 2023 It’s been a while since I posted about generative A.I. art. Artificial intelligence, as in machine learning, has been around for decades. The comparatively small part that generative AI comprises — art, music, text — is drawing all the attention. I still think of it as a tool to […]

A sign with a handy map of the entire island of Iceland. Photo (c)2023 Carol Van Natta.

Fabulous Iceland Adventure, Part 1 Without actually planning it, this has apparently been my year to travel. Well, I definitely planned the trip to Australia because it’s on the other side of the planet and the flight is 15 hours(!) long. I’d heard good things about Iceland, but it wasn’t until my travel companion Nancy […]

Meet the Heroes of Stellar Drift

Meet the Heroes of Stellar Drift In “Stellar Drift,” my story in Pets in Space 8, determined forest ranger Houyen convinces mysterious pilot Sairy and her pet to help him track the source of a deadly disease before a greedy crime lord gets there first. My story ideas usually start with characters and the trouble […]

Illustration of a woman wearing futuristic armor and a service dog seated next to her, generated by MidJourney.

Disabled Veterans, Service Dogs, and Spaceships What do disabled veterans, service dogs, and spaceships have in common? When I was invited to participate in the first of several Pets in Space® anthologies, and later took over as editor, my favorite thing about them was the charity focus. Of course, I love science fiction romance, but […]

Illustration of a fantasy animal with large ears and a densely muscled body. Illustration by Adrian DKC.

A Pilot and Her Pet Gargoyle In “Stellar Drift,” my novella in the Pets in Space 8 science fiction romance anthology, the heroine Sairy has a pet gargoyle named Kyala. A pilot and her pet… what?  A gargoyle, you say? Yes. In the worlds of the Central Galactic Concordance, it’s all kinds of illegal to […]

Author Carol Van Natta standing in front of a shiny sculpture in the courtyard of the Museum of Modern Art in Sydney, Australia

Great Aussie Adventure, Part 4 I recently visited the Land of Oz, otherwise known as Australia, and had a blast. I took so, so many shareable photos that I had to break this down into four posts. This the last post about my Great Aussie Adventure, Part 4. (Click the images to see larger versions.) […]

Illustration of a logo with two black cats in silhouette with a crown above and stars below, generated by MidJourney

A.I. Art for Summer 2023 It seems like every day brings the announcement of another A.I. art service and/or another A.I. writing service. And owing to my recent Great Aussie Adventure and busy summer, I was already weeks behind in keeping up with these and MidJourney changes. So many things to catch up on! This […]

Wide landscape photo of sunrise and Kata Tjuta in Australia. Taken as part of the great Aussie adventure.

Great Aussie Adventure, Part 3 I recently visited the Land of Oz, otherwise known as Australia. I took a gazillion photos on this trip of a lifetime, so I’m breaking them down into four parts. This is my Great Aussie Adventure, Part 3. (Click the images to see larger versions.) Melbourne (Part 1) • Cairns […]

Carol's Great Aussie Adventure 2023 - Signing books in Melbourne

Great Aussie Adventure, Part 2 I recently visited the Land of Oz, otherwise known as Australia. I took a gazillion photos on this trip of a lifetime, so I’m breaking them down into four parts. This is my Great Aussie Adventure, Part 2. (Click the images to see larger versions.) Melbourne (Part 1) • Cairns […]