A.I. art

Abstract illustration showing white on one half and blue stars on the other, with starships leaving the blue stars, generated by MidJourney

AI Art for Winter 2024 Several highly popular generative AI art services continue to roll out new versions. I primarily use MidJourney, but dabble in others, notably NightCafé. I’ve seen impressive results by others from DALL-E v. 3, but I haven’t played with it myself for over a year. The nuances of prompting — describing […]

Coloring Pages Just For Fun

Coloring Pages For Fun Sometimes when I need a break so my brain can have time to think, but I can’t go for a walk, I get generative AI art services to make some coloring pages just for fun. As is always the way with A.I. anything, some attempts are more successful than others.  Fair […]

Ink and watercolor illustration of a rocketship launching from a stack of books, generated by MidJourney

AI Art Adventures for Autumn 2023 It’s been a while since I posted about generative A.I. art. Artificial intelligence, as in machine learning, has been around for decades. The comparatively small part that generative AI comprises — art, music, text — is drawing all the attention. I still think of it as a tool to […]

Illustration of a logo with two black cats in silhouette with a crown above and stars below, generated by MidJourney

A.I. Art for Summer 2023 It seems like every day brings the announcement of another A.I. art service and/or another A.I. writing service. And owing to my recent Great Aussie Adventure and busy summer, I was already weeks behind in keeping up with these and MidJourney changes. So many things to catch up on! This […]

watercolor and ink illustration of a cat with a background of stylized waves, generated by MidJourney

A.I. Art for April 2023 The big news is that the MidJourney A.I. art service recently released version 5 for user testing. Which promptly caused a bunch of idiots to make free accounts, then try to make rude and deep-fake images. MJ banned a bunch of users and suspended free accounts for the moment. And […]

illustration of a cute baby fantasy animal with wings, generated by MidJourney

A.I. Art for March 2023 I continue to dabble in A.I. art and enjoy the challenge. My MidJourney prompting skills are slowly improving, by which I mean that I get better results faster. And I’m learning when to abandon an approach and leave that concept for another day. To be honest, the results from the […]

illustration of a storefront with a sign that says Turn of the Cards, as generated by MidJourney and additions by Carol Van Natta

Playlist for Shift of Destiny The audiobook for Shift of Destiny, book 2 in my Ice Age Shifters series, is out and ready for however you like to listen to books. Including, by the way, via Spotify (if you’re in the U.S., UK, AU, NZ, and IE). I like to collect songs that express the […]

fantasy illustration of a pretty Black woman with flowers in her hair, generated by MidJourney

A.I. Art for February 2023 Like most endeavors, learning to use A.I. tools takes time and practice. Plus, the tools are in active development, meaning we users are all shooting at a moving target. This is my A.I. art for February 2023. Click the images below to see bigger version. For people using smaller devices, […]

illustration of a diecut sticker with a rocketship and stars, generated by MidJourney

A.I. Art for January 2023 I’ve been spending more of my time at MidJourney, and less at the other services. I just don’t seem to be able to produce images that please me at NightCafe or DALL-E. Here are images created by A.I. art for January 2023, including prompts and commentary. To keep myself from […]

NightCafe failure with dogs - fun with AI art

More Fun with A.I. Art A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about my adventures with A.I. art. This is a followup with more images and more lessons learned. I’ve mostly had more fun with A.I. art, but I’m also discovering its limitations. And my limitations, too.  Prompts: The Key to Success Prompts are […]