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Galactic News Trends

Galactic News Trends

Or, What I've Been Up to that I Haven't Been Around Much

Galactic news trends, in the Central Galactic Concordance universe, are the trending news topics that everyone in the civilized galaxy is talking about. Because it's my universe, I can pretend that it's news that a Certain Author disappeared from her blog for awhile, but is back.Hello, I'm Back. Did you miss me?

Where, you might ask, has she been? She's been on a whirlwind tour of Plotlandia, where plots are hatched, Writer's Corner, where the work gets done, Editville, where she and others make things better, and Re-Write City, where things get, well, rewritten to make them better. 

The book she took on her tour is Minder Rising, the second in the CGC series. It still needs to go to Fort Illustration, for a lovely cover, and Saint Blurbia, where the much-harder-than-you'd-think-it-should-be book description gets written.

And then, the final destination: PUBLISH!

If the author gods are smiling on Certain Author, that last leg of the journey will happen by the end of this month.

And what's on your agenda for the merry month?