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Plans for 2015


If you subscribe to my newsletter, you'll already know some of this, but I thought I'd share my plans for 2015 a more public venue. Also, it's self-motivational, in that I'd like to keep my promises.

The Central Galactic Concordance Series

Some readers have been kind enough to ask what's next in the Central Galactic Concordance series. Here are my plans, as of the date of this post; keep in mind that the universe sometimes has other plans.

MinderRising_title2a_300x161The next book is called Minder Rising and will be out in spring 2015. It will introduce new characters on a different planet, with new challenges. I'll post a blurb for it once I'm happier with it. As I've mentioned before, writing a good blurbs is difficult. Probably the perfectionist in me.

Nota bene: No, this image isn't from the cover art, it's just something to catch the eye. I intend to hire a professional cover artist, because I'm a much better writer than an artist. I won't say I'd be as bad as the covers published in the delightfully snarky LousyBookCovers.com, with the very-true tagline of  “Just because you CAN design your own cover doesn't mean you SHOULD.” (Hat-tip to Rachel Leigh Smith of the Science Fiction Romance Brigade for the link.) I'm just saying I want good cover art, and I know my limitations.

Book 3 will be Pico's Crush, which will involve some of the same characters from Overload Flux. If the author gods are smiling on me, it'll be out in fall 2015.

I have a bigger plan for galactic domination more books, but I'll save that for another day.

Conferences and Workshops

I'll be attending the Northern Colorado Writers Conference in March 2015, since it's here in my home town, and would be criminal not to go. I'm also signed up to attend the 2015 RomCon Reader Weekend in Denver, where I hope to meet the prolific paranormal/science fiction romance author Eve Langlais and science fiction romance author S.E. Smith. I'm not teaching at either of these; I'll be attending as a writer who wants to learn (plus catch up with friends and make new ones).


I'm already planning to write at least one short play for the 2015 Fort Collins Fringe Festival. I had a blast doing the first two festivals, and am looking forward to doing it again. If you're curious as to what a “fringe festival” is, here's a quote from their website:

“Fringe” is theatre that is off the beaten path; that won’t find its home in an average theatre company season line-up. “Fringe” means exploring new boundaries, new venues, new ways of shaping and sharing a story.

I'd like to produce another short play I wrote called “To Bury Caesar,” about an imaginary confrontation between John Wilkes Booth and his sister, Asia, three days before the assassination of Lincoln, but I have to find the right actors with the right chemistry.

Eventually, I'll have enough of short plays to publish them in a book. ;-}