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A Podcast About Self-Publishing

NCW Podcast #40 Stars Me! OK, and Others

microphone for a podcast about self-publishingInterested in self-publishing? Tune in to the recent NCW Podcast to hear three shy (cough) and unopinionated (cough) women talk about going the self-publishing route and the choices available. Hosted by Rich Keller of Northern Colorado Writers, the podcast is available from Podomatic, and on iTunes and Google Play.

The guests were NCW Director Kerrie Flanagan, an independent publisher, author JC Lynne, and author Carol Van Natta (that's me!). We discussed the differences between the traditional publishing route and independent publishing, and if you choose the latter, the reasons to go ebook only or ebook and paper, the differences between services, and marketing strategies.

Why You Should Listen to Our Podcast About Self-Publishing

Why should you listen to us? Well, we're fun and lively, but we're also four people who may be a little farther down the self-publishing road than you are, and we hope you'll soon be on the journey with us. Nota bene: If you passed us a long time ago, you should be listening to The Writing Podcast or the the Self-Publishing Roundtable.

books - podcast about self-publishingWe could have talked for at least another hour about lessons learned, and things we'd like to try, and the future of the industry. We've each had family, friends, and even strangers on the bus ask us about how to go about self-publishing. Kerrie has a consulting business and a publishing company, Hot Chocolate Press, and Rich, the host, has a publishing company, Wooden Pants Publishing, and production services (Back Pocket Design) for independent authors. Author J.C. Lynne writes science thrillers, and I, in case you hadn't noticed, write science fiction romance. We've each successfully published several books of our own and helped others start the path.

If you come to the Northern Colorado Writers Conference next spring, you might get to hear us in person, because we're working on a presentation session—think of it as a live podcast—on the topic of self-publishing.

I'm in the process of writing a series of posts on the self-publishing process, so if you're interested you could check back here from time to time, or subscribe to my blog.