Overload Flux Released!

Overload_Flux_by_Carol_Van_Natta-Cover_350x560Overload Flux (A Central Galactic Concordance Novel) is available today at an e-tailer near you: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and (soon) iTunes. It's a science fiction-action-romance novel with mystery, adventure, corrupt pharma companies, fights, space battles, and strong characters to root for. It's also the start of a new series.
By the way, pretending for a moment that I get a brief “thank you” speech on first-book publication day, I'd like to give salutes to:
  • My brave first-round beta readers, Ann, T3, John, and Jill, and my discerning second-round early readers Charleste, Reed, Heather, and Roger. 
  • My friend and developmental editor Judy Fort Brenneman at Greenfire Creative)
  • My professional, communicative, and keen-eyed copy editor (and proofreader and file formatter), Shelley Holloway (Holloway House)
  • My talented cover art designer Stephen Bryant at SRB Productions 
And most of all, thanks in advance to anyone who buys and enjoys my books, because otherwise, all those story ideas would just be cluttering up my mind and my hard drive.
If you're interested in a review copy, please contact me. Published reviews are the coin of the galaxy for independent authors, and I hope you'll take the time to post one for Overload Flux.

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  1. I just posted a review on Amazon. Good book. E books have brought to the publishing bunches of new worthy writers. Your characters were deeply flawed, but redeemable. Interestingly, they recognize their flaws and hope for redemption.
    I just had a thought for the second book. Morganthur is sterile, her eggs have been “Harvested”. Even today, a egg could be transplanted. Can you imagine her as a mother, a very interesting character development. Talk about lost. What do you thinnk?

    1. Philip, thanks for the kind review of my book. I realized after the first draft that I channeled a bit of Sherlock Holmes for Luka, and you’re the first to have commented on it.

      Funny you should mention Mairwen and children, as it just might be hinted at in an upcoming story. Not the book I’m working on now, which has a new set of characters, but the one after that. I think “lost” is a good characterization of how Mairwen will feel, considering she’s still baffled by which fork to use at a formal dinner.

  2. A question. Is the series about a mystery or a rebellion? or both

    1. Philip, the series is a rebellion of sorts, but more a fundamental change in society that only a few saw coming, and how various factions deal with it.

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