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Stellar Review of OVERLOAD FLUX

“This story grabs you and doesn’t let you go.” Overload Flux got a stellar review from the fabulous crew at the Paranormaly Yours blog. Read the rest to find out which TV series and movie they compared it to.

Stellar review of Overload Flux
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Stellar Review of Overload Flux (Central Galactic Concordance, Book 1)

I've said it before, but authors love reviews. Of course we love them more if they're positive, but even the so-so reviews are good, because they're food for thought.

I'm grateful to the reviewers who have websites and blogs for their reviews, because 99.99% of them are doing it for the love of sharing book recommendations to other readers. They are inveterate networkers. These are the same types of people you go to if you need the name of a good veterinarian, or want to know where you can buy organic compost. The book review blogs are inundated with requests from publishers and the like to read and review their books whatever is sooner than immediately, and sometimes have to put up with unhappy authors who take the book review personally, and write to complain, or get rude in social media, or in a few cases, join the annals of Authors Behaving Badly and do crazy things. I'm sure you'll be shocked to learn that not all authors are professional or nice.

I Wrote That?

I also like reading reviews of my books to discover what other people find in them, including things I wasn't conscious of when I wrote it. It wasn't until a review pointed it out that I came to associate Luka Foxe's talents as a futuristic Sherlock Holmes, but with heart. Mairwen's limited experience with social interactions gave me a way to introduce the future to readers without long, b-o-r-i-n-g sections of exposition (“As you know…”), but she became such a strong character that she steals the spotlight from time to time. It's funny, because she'd be appalled. 😉

I like reading reviews of books from average readers, too, because it means they cared enough to write about it. All Amazon, or Kobo, or the other retailers notice is that the book has some 4- and 5-star reviews. It's other readers who notice the content of them. So, on behalf of authors everywhere, if you've ever posted a review of a book, even if it isn't one of mine, thank you.

stellar review of Overload Flux