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12 Free Science Fiction Romances from Today’s Top Authors!

12 free science fiction romances

12 Free Science Fiction Romances!

Limited Time Offer • 8-15 May 2017 • Download Your Books Today!

In the mood for intergalactic adventure and romance? How about 12 free science fiction romances from today's NY Times and USA TODAY best-selling and award-winning authors?

Try Tink's Neverland, by S.E. Smith, which starts her Cosmos Gateway series, or Stranded with the Cyborg, by Cara Bristol. And look, there's Accidental Abduction, by Eve Langlais, involving hot blue men with, uhm, assets, and Matchmaker Abduction, by Donna Jane McDonald, which is just as fun as it sounds.

Or how about Captured by the Alien Lord by the fabulous Mina Carter, or Abducted (Alien Mate Index Book 1) by Evangeline Anderson.

And I'd be remiss in not pointing out Assessing Survival (Mechanical Advantage Book 1) by the wonderfully talented Viola Grace, Quick Shot by Pippa Jay, The Judas Contact (Boomers Book 1) by Heather Long, Farewell Andromeda by Laurie A. Green, and Tangled in Time by Pauline Baird Jones.

Alert readers may notice that's only eleven books. As luck would have it, the 12th free science fiction romance is mine, Pico's Crush, from my Central Galactic Concordance series.

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12 free science fiction romances