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5-stars for Overload Flux

Another 5 Stars for Overload Flux

Five Stars for Overload FluxYou'd think I'd be a bit blasé about getting another nice review of Overload Flux, the first novel of my science fiction romance series. It was published in October 2014, and has 60+ reviews, most of them positive, and I've since written a second book Minder Rising, that I'm proud of, and am working on a novella and the the next book in the series. I'm not remotely blasé. Maybe after I write a dozen more books, but even then, Overload Flux is my first solo book.

The lovely and talented Eleanore Trupkiewicz at her Engraved: All Things Writing blog wrote a splendidly thoughtful review, wherein she liked my book and gave it 5 stars, in part because “it's been a very, very long time since I've read such a compelling, unexpected, suspenseful, and well-crafted work of science fiction as Overload Flux.” The themes of the story that resonated with her are the same ones that I hoped would come through, because they resonated for me, too. You can read her full review here.

Make an Author's Week: Write a Review

Make an author's day and write a reviewAuthors like reviews. Of course, we really like positive reviews, but we honestly like them all except the obvious trolls. (I don't have any of those yet, but it's inevitable.) Even the “not my cup of tea” reviews mean someone felt strongly enough about the book to post a comment. They read it, and if the author is lucky, they noticed something that escaped the author—an unconscious theme, a continuity error, a pacing problem. I want to make each book the best it can be, the best I can make it, and part of that is learning for readers what worked and what didn't. So if you've reviewed one of my books, or anyone else's, for that matter, thank you.