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Get Rescued by Galactic Search and Rescue

Get Rescued Today with Galactic Search and Rescue

Galactic Search and Rescue is alive at all ebook sellers today. Yeah, I admit it it's a cheesy headline, but books can be a great refuge from stress, so maybe you're in need of getting rescued right about now.

This story is an expanded version of the one that originally appeared in the limited-edition Pets in Space 5 science fiction romance anthology. The Pets in Space® anthologies benefit the excellent charity, Hero Dogs. They provide trained service dogs to disabled veterans and first-responders. They're part of of the inspiration for my story. See this blog post for more background and a story excerpt.

About Galactic Search and Rescue

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Galactic Search and Rescue to the rescue When an earthquake shakes up a nearby world, can two star-crossed rescuers save an entire community… and each other?

Experienced rescuer Subcaptain Taz Correa hides her wounded heart. A telekinetic tech-whiz recently transferred to the worst Galactic Search and Rescue unit in the galaxy, she’d hoped after her string of epically bad breakups she’d have a fresh start. But when she can’t fight her feelings for her new teammate, she’s terrified her secret affection will show and cost both their careers.

Subcaptain Rylando Dalroinn’s telepathic connection to animals used to be everything. But he has no idea how to admit his growing attraction to Taz, especially as it’s completely against the rules. And when they’re sent as a team of two to help a devastated town, he knows he can’t afford to let his heart’s desire distract him from their dangerous mission.

As Taz works with Rylando and his unusual squad of trained animal helpers to free a desperate group of citizens, she puts her life on the line to protect her partner’s beloved creatures. But when Rylando realizes the people he’s rescuing are more than just innocent victims, he’ll have to throw out the rulebook to save them both.

Can love—and a clever crew of animals—guide the couple out of the rubble and into a future together?

Galactic Search and Rescue is a pulse-pounding story in the Central Galactic Concordance space opera series. If you like lovers in denial, edge-of-your-seat twists and turns, and intriguing psychic powers, then you’ll adore this book.

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Galactic Search and Rescue first appeared in the limited-edition Pets in Space 5 science fiction romance anthology. The standalone version has been expanded from the original.