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Groups for SciFi Romance and PNR Fans

Groups for SciFi Romance and PNR Fans

Love it or hate it, if you want to find other readers and authors of science fiction romance (SFR) and/or paranormal romance (PNR), Facebook groups are the place to go. Searching for them nets dozens of listings, but some are dead, Jim, and some seem to be nonstop advertising with no interaction between the readers or authors. These are some of the best groups for scifi romance and PNR fans that I've found.

First, for reasons known only to the stars above, the SFR folks seem better organized and engaged as a community than the PNR readers and authors. Second, some groups are more active in the fall/winter/spring time, when people aren't off having summer vacations and the like. Third, Facebook is always tinkering with the types and rules for groups, so the definition of “public” vs. “closed” vs. “private” is subject to change.

For PNR Fans

Romancing the Shire is one of the newer groups around, so it's small but growing. Fantasy and paranormal romance fans, readers, and authors discuss books and recommendations. The moderators also host regular posts for excerpts and freebies. It's quiet for the summer, but should pick up again in the fall. Romancing the Shire (Public group)

Romancing the Shire - Groups for SciFi Romance and PNR Fans
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Paranormal Romance Book Junkies is a little heavy on the ads and promotional posts, but also has lively discussions and recommendation threads for finding books with favorite characteristics, such as interracial paranormal romance. PNR Book Junkies (Public Group)

PNR Book Junkies - Groups for SciFi Romance and PNR Fans

For SciFi Romance Fans

The Pets in Space Readers Group has fans of the USA TODAY bestselling anthology of the same name, and regular visits and posts by the authors who have contributed to the various volumes. It's a closed group, meaning you submit a request to join, and maybe answer a question or two, but it's a great place to meet fans and authors. I've had stories in Pets in Space 2 and Pets in Space 3, and hope to again in the future. I love the fact that it donates a sizeable check to the Hero Dogs charity every year. Pets In Space Readers Group (Closed group)

Pets in Space Readers Group - Groups for SciFi Romance and PNR Fans
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The Sci-Fi and Fantasy Romance group is a large, active, and well-managed group with interesting discussions and book recommendations from authors and readers. They've lately been running threads on fun tropes, such as “women in command” and “first contact,” and are starting a new feature to help readers find newly published books for the week. Because I'm a reader as well as an author, my TBR pile grows regularly when I visit this group. It's a closed group that's well worth submitting the request to join. Sci-Fi and Fantasy Romance (Closed group)

SciFi Fantasy Romance - Groups for SciFi Romance and PNR Fans


Bonus: Non-Facebook Sites to Find Authors and Books

Since I'm aware that some people would rather be nibbled to death by little ducks than visit Facebook (some days, I feel the same), here are two websites to find SFR and PNR authors and a plethora of books.

SFR Station catalogs scifi romances with dozens of ways to search for them, from tropes, to pairings, to heat level and more. When I'm in the mood for a great SFR, this is my first stop. SFR Station

SFR Station - for SciFi Romance and PNR Fans
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Love Romance Reads caters to romance readers and authors. The site celebrates all romance genres, including scifi romance and paranormal romance, plus every other genre you can think of. My favorite feature is the guest blogs* by romance authors because I love learning about authors and their books. Love Romance Reads

Love Romance Reads - for SciFi Romance and PNR Fans


*As it happens, August is “Science Fiction Romance” month at Love Romance Reads, and will include an interview of me.