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Guest Post: Meet Rainbow from Pets in Space 6

Guest Post: Meet Rainbow from Pets in Space 6

I invited USA Today bestselling author Kyndra Hatch, the author of the excellent story “Escaping Korth” in Pets in Space 6, to tell us about her pet in space. Kyndra writes action-packed science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal romance when she’s not watching for falling stars and catching fish at her Florida home.

Meet Rainbow, the curious critter in “Escaping Korth”

Illustration of an alien creature called a skyder, from Guest Post Meet Rainbow from Pets in Space 6Rainbow is an energy skyder. The main character, Liana, names her Rainbow because the tips of her legs are all colors of the rainbow. Pointy with a colorful shine, they remind Liana of painted fingernails.

Skyders have eight legs and twelve eyes and resemble jumping spiders, but also have a shell that they can hide in, similar to a hermit crab. Natives of the Korthan home world, skyders have adapted to life in the skyscrapers of Korth, using their long antennae to feed off excess energy the sentient buildings emit daily.

The following snippet is Liana’s reaction upon seeing Rainbow for the first time. At first, she isn’t exactly thrilled to find an eight-legged companion in the prison cell with her.

The ooze on the far wall appeared to be moving with the flickering light. Liana rubbed blurry vision from her eyes.

Wait, the ooze was moving.

Heart thumping, she sat up straight. Why couldn’t the ooze just be ooze?

Liana sucked in a breath as what appeared to be a fuzzy leg snaked out from beneath the greenish-brown substance. Another leg popped out, and then another.

Having seen pictures of what a tarantula looked like on old Earth, she was sure this creature was the size of one.

Eight fuzzy brown legs supporting a ball of green and gray muck scurried across the floor in a flurry of spraying liquid.

The so-called mattress crunched loudly as she jumped to her feet, standing on her tippy toes, back flat against the slimy wall.

The mucky terror stopped in its tracks, directly in front of her. The only comfort was that it was on the floor.

The mattress began to sag under her weight, until she, too, was essentially standing on the floor.


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About Escaping Korth and Pets in Space 6

In “Escaping Korth” by Kyndra Hatch, an alien interrogator recognizes the human prisoner as his fated mate, leading to danger for both of them. With only one chance to find a true mate, the call of a mating bond demands a higher loyalty, even if it’s to his sworn enemy.

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