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Jumper’s Hope Wins SFR Galaxy Award for 2016

Jumper's Hope Wins an SFR Galaxy Award for 2016

Jumper's Hope wins SFR Galaxy Award

Yay, me! Jumper's Hope, Central Galactic Concordance Book 4, won a 2016 SFR Galaxy Award. I've been honored to win this award twice before, for Overload Flux and Minder Rising, so I'm absolutely thrilled to win a third for my virtual shelf.

Jumper's Hope wins SFR Galaxy Award for 2016Judge Lee Kovin selected Jumper's Hope for “Best Lady Cyborg.” That would be lead character Kerzanna Nevarr, who has a cybernetic thigh and hip, the price she paid for her years of military service in the elite Jumper Corps. While civilians get cloned parts of bone, flesh, and blood, a dark legacy of Jumper service means veterans only get biometal replacements. As Lee said,

“I love cybernetics, and Kerzanna's have plenty of advantages and drawbacks. Just like organic parts, cybernetics require maintenance and repair. Also, their use has a cost physically and monetarily. Kerzanna often has to weigh her short-term success against her long-term health, which presents fascinating conflict.”

Bonus: Lee, who is also a book blogger and author, is hosting a contest to give away copies of the SFR Galaxy Award-winning books. Check out her delightfully named “Cyber Post Punk Love” blog post and comment on her post with your choice of book to be entered in the drawing.

By the way, all the SFR Galaxy Award winners will be featured in an upcoming article in the USA Today “Happily Ever After” column by author Veronica Scott, who writes the entries for science fiction romance.

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