Lessons Learned in Pandemic Living

Lessons Learned in Pandemic Living

Lessons learned while living in a pandemic with cats who think they are leopards

Inspired by a list by my science fiction and paranormal romance author buddy, Susan Kay Quinn, these are my lessons learned while living in a pandemic.

  • I would live in pajamas forevermore, except cats have needle-sharp claws. As I am averse to having my thighs turned into pincushions, I wear jeans.
  • Right now, it feels like Tuesday afternoon. However, both the calendar and clock say otherwise. This is merely today's example of Carol Needs A Schedule or her sense of time goes to hell.
  • The trouble with buying in bulk is that I eat in bulk. Hello, Walkers Shortbread…

Walkers Shortbread for living in pandemic times Best second breakfast, ever!

  • We humans need training videos on how to wear masks, and more importantly, the reasons we do so. Wearing them like a chin cradle or lifting them up to cough rather defeats the purpose.
  • The microphone on my computer is more than adequate for picking up my voice during teleconferences. No need to project into it as if I'm performing in a 1,000-seat theatre.
  • Exercise improves my productivity and attitude. To accomplish this on my own, I must constantly fight my deeply slacker nature. Also, the cats laugh at me. I miss my exercise classes!
  • I will not be traveling to certain “open for business!” American states until we have a widely available vaccine for COVID-19. And to the “what, me worry?” governors and mayors who see no need to protect their hospitals and healthcare systems from the inevitable onslaught, I hope your voters remember how little you value your people.
  • When left unattended, the fun mermaid colors in my hair fade to the quirky pinkish-blonde only seen on the tails of My Little Ponies.
  • I am guilty of extreme schadenfreude when I read about jerks who horded in-demand commodities, only to discover the only way to even partially recoup their investment is to sell at a loss. Call it instant karma.
  • My cats have been quite put out that the food being delivered is for humans. Therefore, I ordered $50 worth of catnip toys. Don't judge; you don't have to live with the pushy beasts. 😺 😸 😹 They recently took over my blog to give humans advice for living in uncertain times.

Photo of 3 cat toys shaped like mce Catnip mice from Litterbox.com