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Make the Leap from Paranormal to Science Fiction Romance

Make the leap from paranormal to science fiction romance

Make the Leap from Paranormal to Science Fiction Romance

I love science fiction and fantasy, and I love romances. I especially love it when the two genres blend to bring me the best of both worlds. (Probably why I write them, eh?) If you're a paranormal romance fan, I'd like to invite you to make the leap from paranormal to science fiction romance. You'll find all the elements you love about paranormal romances, plus new worlds to explore.

A Bit of History Regarding Paranormal and Science Fiction Romances

Authors have written both paranormal romances (PNRs) and science fiction romances (SFRs) for decades, but it took publishers and booksellers a bit longer to recognize they should be their own subgenres.

First, paranormal romances hit it big. Characters who had previously been shape-shifting monsters or bloodsucking ghouls became the deliciously sexy, not-quite human, lovable heroes and heroines. Back in the day, bookstores didn't quite know what to do with them, so they stuck them in with the contemporary and historical romances. However, once booksellers (and publishers) realized readers liked to specialize, both historical and PNRs got their own sections.

When science fiction romances (SFRs) first came along, they had the same sympathetic main characters, some quite alien, who fought for their happily-ever-afters while traveling the stars. I suspect booksellers who put them with the PNRs (instead of the science fiction section) got better sales. Science fiction is too prone to tragedy for romance fans to trust it. Romance readers are an adventurous lot, but they want reassurance the plot will involve the growing relationship as much as the exciting action, and has the hopeful HEA ending.

By the way, ebook sellers have separate categories for science fiction romance. Since they aren't limited by physical shelf space, they can add more categories to help readers hone in on the books they want to read. Of course, they also allow publishers to pay to show you their books first, so sometimes the categories aren't as helpful as they could be.

Paranormal and Science Fiction Romances Are Two Sides of the Same 12-Sided Dice

At their heart, both PNRs and SFRs have a lot in common. For example, they both involve fantastic elements, whether the hidden world of magic or the futuristic world of science fiction. Often, characters must confront issues of what it is to be human, or finding their destiny in a strange new world, or saving their universe. And of course, they both involve unconventional lovers who find the perfect sentient beings to fall in love with.

Therefore, if you're looking for fresh new stories to read, why not make the leap from paranormal romance to take a chance on science fiction romance?

Recommended SFR Books to Make PNR Readers Happy

    • S.E. Smith's Cosmos' Gateway series. When a contemporary Earth genius opens a dimensional gateway, humans and aliens meet, fall in love, and save several worlds. This 8-book series is one of my favorites, and blends adventure, humor, traveling the stars, and true romance. You won't have to learn physics or an alien language to enjoy the stories. Furthermore, some of the aliens are shapeshifters, so you'll feel right at home.
      Tink's Neverland (Cosmsos' Gateway Book 1) 
      Hannah's Warrior (Cosmos' Gateway Book 2)
    • Evelyn Lederman's Worlds Apart series. Human women stumble into portals to a parallel universe where the lovers must deal with both culture shock and the shock of meeting their soul mate. As often happens in paranormal romances, their recognition of the soul-mate bond happens at the most inconvenient time and place. And if vampires are your favorite cup of tea, check out her related Nightshade Saga series. It starts with a half-human, half-vampire woman who must return to the universe where she was born. Meeting her soul mate there sets off a cascade of trouble and delight for them both.
      The Chameleon Soul Mate (Worlds Apart Book 1) Free to read in Kindle Unlimited
      Nightshade (Nightshade Saga Book 1) Free to read in Kindle Unlimited
    • Ruby Dixon's Fireblood Dragon series. In a post-apocalyptic world, dragon-shifter invaders rain fire and ash on Earth… then discover they can bond and mate with human women. (Oops!) Dixon's heroines are no shrinking violets, and the dragon-shifter males deserve the mates they find, though some have to learn a few social skills first. Dixon also writes the deservedly popular Ice Planet Barbarians series, with big blue alien males who find the human females who crash-land on their planet to be very enticing, and the feeling is mutual.
      Fire in His Blood (Fireblood Dragon Book 1) Free to read in Kindle Unlimited
      Ice Planet Barbarians (Ice Planet Barbarians Book 1) Free to read in Kindle Unlimited

As a reminder, some links above include affiliate codes that earn me a penny or two if you buy the book.

Give My Science Fiction Romances a Try, Too

The first three books of the Central Galactic Concordance science fiction romance seriesI'll also invite you to try my space opera romance series. All the characters are human, but some have mental gifts that set them apart. If you like big damn story arcs with adventure, intrigue, and romance, start with Last Ship Off Polaris-G. It's a complete story, and a shorter length so you can dip your toe in the alien waters, so to speak, to see if you like the style. The next book in the series is Overload Flux.

On the other hand, if you like more standalone stories, check out Pet Trade and Cats of War. They're set in the same universe, but you won't need to have read the main series books to enjoy them.


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