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Minder Rising is a Best Seller

Minder Rising is a #1 Best Seller

Minder Rising #1 Best Seller on AmazonThanks to all who purchased Minder Rising over the weekend, and helped it achieve the coveted #1 Best Seller tag from Amazon.

It's the little victories that are fun for an author. Sure, big victories are fun, too, but fame is fleeting, and life is short, so enjoy it while you can. I know I am. 😉

But What About Overload Flux and Zero Flux?

Overload Flux, the first novel in the Central Galactic Concordance series, and its sequel novella, Zero Flux, also got a little reflected glory while Minder Rising was enjoying its visit to the big leagues.

The reason Minder Rising did so well was because it was on sale. I hoped it would help people find and read it, of course, but I also hoped it would result in a little action for my other books, which it did. So if you bought any of my books over the weekend, thank you!

Coming Soon

I'm shooting for January 2016 to publish Pico's Crush, the next book in the series. A kind reviewer for Zero Flux said they wished I wrote faster. Me, too, because I want to read the story I'm writing—bad robots, killers, cut-throat academic politics, and urban warfare. Fun times ahead!