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Nice Review of Minder Rising (And Why Authors Love Reviews)

Engraved: All Things Writing, by Eleanore Trupkiewicz, has a nice review of Minder Rising, the second book in my science fiction series. Authors love reviews because it means our book was memorable enough to write about.

Nice Review of Minder Rising

Minder Rising reviewFirst, here's the link to Eleanore's blog post: 

Book Review: “Minder Rising” (Carol Van Natta)

When you're given a second lease on life, whether you asked for another chance or not and whether you wanted it or not, what will it take for you to step back and really consider the possibilities?

If you've ever found yourself in that situation…


Eleanore is an author, poet, and reviewer, and also a freelance editor and proofreader. I am unreasonably cheered that she, like me, has problems keeping houseplants alive.

Why Authors Love Reviews

I know you've seen the requests, from polite to outright begging, in the back of books that say “Please take a few moments to post a review of this book…”. Here's why we authors do that.

A review is more than just proof that someone read our book, it's proof that the book was memorable or moving enough to cause someone to want to write about the experience. Amazon makes it easy-peasey with their Kindle software, because they love it when people are interacting with them (you might buy another book while you're there). The other ebook retailers do the same.

Not all reviews are wonderful, like Eleanore's, but that's okay. Not all books are for all readers, and I get that. Equally importantly, at least to new-ish independent authors like me, reviews posted to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc., are recommendations by strangers to other strangers as to why they might like my book. As a reader, I've bought books for myself based on reviews, so I hope hope reader reviews of my books do the same.

If you like an author, the best gift ever, beyond buying their books, is telling friends and strangers by writing a review.

Minder Rising Review - Best Gift Ever