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Lovely Review of Overload Flux

Review of Overload Flux

This is my week for nice reviews. Elizabeth Munro over at West Coast Book Reviews had lovely things to say about Overload Flux, Book 1 in my science fiction romance series.Overload_Flux_by_Carol_Van_Natta-Cover-200x320rgb

I loved the finesse with which Van Natta handles Mairwen and Luka's individual back-stories. Their motivations and challenges are there, clear and sufficient, without overwhelming. There's just enough to explain and engage with Mairwen and Luka without dumping too much emphasis on previous events. It's handled in such a quiet way that every time there's a little more the plot moves forward, not the other way.

I also really enjoyed the subtle humour I found ever present. As little as a few words…

Read the rest on her website.

Authors love reviews, as I explained in my recent post.