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Paperback Book Options

Paperback Book Options

Paperback book options - illustrations of paperback books

My space opera romance novellas are in need of new paperback versions. While ebooks are delightfully convenient and easy to carry, some readers still love the kinesthetic feel of paperback books in their hands. If this is you, please look at the paperback book options below and take the tiny survey. 

These are the novellas I'm talking about:

  • Pet Trade –  An injured veterinarian must confront her fears when an unknown man appears on her doorstep with a shipment of designer pets.
  • Cats of WarA tarnished military Subcaptain must decide between saving his career or helping a repair technician rescue two special cats.
  • Galactic Search and RescueTwo star-crossed rescuers and an unusual trained animal crew must save a town… and each other.

They're in the same universe as the main series. However, they're each little standalone side-trips from the big damn story arc that's going on. Also, in addition to being complete romances, pets play an important part of the story. 

The question comes down to this: Would you rather have each novella available to purchase separately, or would you rather have them in one big collection?


Paperback Option #1: Separate Books

The novellas are about half the length of a regular novel, so the paperbacks would be thinner, but cheaper—likely $6.99 each. The advantage is that you could buy the stories you like best. The disadvantage is that if you like them all, you'd have to buy three individual books.


Paperback Option #2: Collection

One big collection would make a long novel (but not epic fantasy size). This would be a fairly thick paperback, and likely cost $16.99. The advantage is that you'd save a little money over having to buy them separately, and they'd all be in once place. However, you'd have to shell out that price all at once to get the book.


Paperback Book Survey

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