Playlist for Dire Wolf Wanted

Playlist for Dire Wolf Wanted

Cover image for the audiobook version of Dire Wolf WantedIn celebration of the audiobook releases for my paranormal romance series, I'm creating bonus playlists for songs that go with the story. This is the playlist for Dire Wolf Wanted.

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The magical world stands on the brink of war, unless two extraordinary shifters can bridge the gulf between them.

By the way, Dire Wolf Wanted is available on Spotify, too, so you can listen anywhere you want.

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Playlist Song #1: Northern Lights

Arvik and Rayne are both spies and start the story on opposite sides. Acting on instinct in a dangerous situation, they make a temporary alliance to escape. They each realize their deep, powerful attraction to each other is just the start of their challenges. First, Arvik has to deal with his dark past on his own, which means leaving Rayne. The song  Northern Lights by Renaissance is meaningful in two ways. First, because Arvik desperately wants to be with Rayne. Second, his people sing as part of their magic, so the lyrics are perfect: “I sing to you of northern lights, I sing to you of northern nights…” 

Nota bene (N.B.): I wore out several Renaissance albums before I discovered the wonderful world of CDs and digital files. I wanted to be Annie Haslam and sing those fantasy-mystical songs. Sadly, I could never match her 5-octave(!!) vocal range. Especially these days, when I'm a low alto with a few soprano notes on a good day. 😉

Illustration of a terrifying monster with big teeth, generated by MidJourney
Part of Arvik and Rayne's “dangerous situation” is being chased by a hellfrog, a relentless, nearly indestructible killer.

Playlist Song #2: Nobody Does It Better

Okay, I couldn't resist: Nobody Does It Better by Carly Simon. Rayne and Arvik discover they've been sent by two separate secret organizations to deal with an illegal auction house problem. Here's a brief excerpt from Arvik's point of view:

Unrelated facts snapped into place. He’d been so distracted by the endgame, her electrifying presence, and his suddenly loquacious animals, he’d nearly missed it. Rayne Chekal was an agent.

Considering she was an extraordinary shifter with magic… “You’re with the Shifter Tribunal.”

She cocked her head and gave him a speculative look. A corner of her mouth twitched. “You’re with the Wizard Imperium?”

Trust her, demanded his animals.

He hesitated, then nodded. He hoped to hell his animals were right.

She blew out an exasperated breath that lifted a lock of her hair. “Just once, would it hurt the magical-world policing agencies to fucking talk to each other?”

He smiled wryly. “And admit to the others they have a problem?”

N.B.: The theme songs for James Bond movies are all over-the-top power ballads. This one (with music by Marvin Hamlich and lyrics by Carole Bayer Sager) got cheated out of an Academy Award by “You Light Up My Life,” which, like its movie of the same name, was too overly sweet for my tastes. I dislike being bludgeoned into liking a main character. By the way, Thom Yorke of Radiohead fame did a live version of Nobody Does It Better for MTV and pulls it off with quirky aplomb.

illustration of a wolf standing in front of a mountain cabin, generated by MidJourney
While hiding in the mountains, Rayne and Arvik save a natural wolf from a cruel live trap. Trouble is, the wolf seems to have adopted them as pack.

Playlist Song #3: Wolves

Wolves by Aurora could have been written for the Terror of the North. In the world of the Ice Age Shifters, legends tell of a rapacious, vicious pack of magical wolves who could travel vast distances in a day. They took whatever they wanted and left death and destruction in their wake. Everyone thought they died out centuries ago… but what if everyone is wrong?

N.B.: Aurora is a Norwegian singer and songwriter. A reader told me about this song because it reminded her of my stories. It's from the animated film Wolfwalkers, which is part of the Irish Folklore Trilogy by Tomm Moore. From the film's description, I'm pretty sure I want to see all three of them.

Illustration of wolves running across the tundra, surrounded by waves of magic, generated by MidJourney, for the playlist for Dire Wolf Wanted
The aptly named Terror of the North