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Playlist for Shifter’s Storm

Audiobook cover to illustrate the playlist for Shifter's Stor

To accompany the audiobook releases for my paranormal romance series, I've created bonus playlists for songs that go with the story. This is the playlist for Shifter's Storm.

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A lost sheriff's deputy and a captive prehistoric shifter must fight danger—and their sizzling attraction—if they want to escape a dying fairy fantasyland.

As with the rest of the series, Shifter's Storm is available on Spotify, too, so you can listen anywhere you want, including your smart speakers.

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Playlist Song #1

Chantal Hammond, sheriff's deputy on loan to a shifter town in Florida, jumps at the chance to help clean up after a hurricane that damaged the Puerto Rican island of Vieques. While there, she ends up in a fairy demesne. Think of it as a pocket universe—a wonderland where magic makes the tiny world go round. Like so many emergency responders, Chantal has the rescue imperative deep in her bones. So when she discovers a group of captive shifters who need her help, she doesn't hesitate, even though it's a dangerous mission. And it doesn't hurt that, against all odds, a gentle giant aquatic sloth makes her brain short-circuit and her inner leopard want to pounce. Don't Get Me Wrong by the Pretenders is the perfect song for how she's feeling.

Nota bene (N.B.): Lead singer, guitarist, and composer Chrissie Hynde, born in Akron, OH, moved to London because that's where the music was happening. Nothing worked until she created The Pretenders. She kept it going through a decades of tumult because of her strong artistic vision for the new wave sound. Rare enough for a musician, but especially for a woman in a distinctly male-dominated industry. 

Illustration of a black leopard sitting on a log, with a tropical island background, generated by MidJourney, for the Shifter's Storm playlist
The curiosity inherent in Chantal Hammond's leopard side may or may not led her to being trapped in a fairy demesne.

Playlist Song #2

The fairy demesne Dauro and his captive friends have been stuck in is dying. He never wanted to be a leader, but he's determined to get them all and himself free. It's probably a lost cause, but it's better than waiting for extinction. Or being sold again like chattel to the highest bidder. Everything changes when the sexiest woman he's ever seen shows up and declares she'll help save them all. Suddenly, the past doesn't seem to matter, only the future, especially if he can find a way to be with her. If Dauro heard Start of Something Good by Daughtry, he'd definitely be singing along.

N.B. Daughtry the rock band is fronted by Chris Daughtry, who was a finalist on American Idol. Chris Daughtry smartly used his fame, talent, and songwriting skills to put together a successful band. Their first and second albums sold like hotcakes, which led to four more since then. “Start of Something Good” appeared on their third album, Break the Spell. I have a love-hate relationship with the broadcast talent shows. I detest the silly-ass manufactured drama (and OMG, the background soundtrack hits you over the head with tension), but some fabulous performers have come out of those series.

An illustration of a prehistoric aquatic sloth, the non-human side of Dauro, as generated by MidJourney, for the playlist for Shifter's Storm
Dauro and his friends have been cruelly trapped in their animal forms for centuries. His prehistoric Ice Age aquatic sloth form makes him valuable to collectors like the fairy who trapped him.

Playlist Song #3

I couldn't resist going with Here Comes the Rain Again by the Eurythmics. And I'm not at all sorry if it creates an earworm for you, because it's such a great song. It's appropriate because a storm brought Chantal and Dauro into each other's lives, but it could be the end of them, too. The death throes of the dying fairy demesne will make a Category 5 hurricane seem like a summer breeze by comparison. So, not only do Dauro and Chantal have to save themselves and his friends, they have to save the world. No pressure!

N.B. Annie Lennox has one of those deeply powerful voices that compels you to listen. The partnership with Dave Stewart started as a business and romantic relationship, but only the professional part endured. “Here Comes the Rain Again” came from their third album, Touch, which rode on the success of their smash hit Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) album. By the way, if you want the full-length version of the song instead of the pop-chart version, you'll have to buy the Eurythmics Greatest Hits album.

Illustration of a massive storm brewing over a tropical island, generated by MidJourney, for Shifter's Storm play list
Vieques is a small island about 8 miles east of the Puerto Rico main island. It took extensive damage during a hurricane several years ago, so I incorporated it in Shifters Storm.