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SF Pets, Podcast, and More

SF Pets, Podcast, and More

Occasionally I escape from the writing cave, or as I think of it, my own little pocket universe, and visit the world at large. Recently, I wrote a guest post on SF pets, appeared on a podcast, and more.

Cat in space for SF pets, Podcast, and MorePets in Science Fiction

The folks over at Shepherd were kind enough to invite me to write a guest post with book recommendations for any topic I liked. You probably won't be surprised that I chose to recommend books that are science fiction stories with pets. Don't tell anyone, but I snuck some romance in there, too. We'll just let readers discover that for themselves. 💖  Here's the link: https://shepherd.com/best-books/science-fiction-stories-with-pets


Several years ago, I was lucky enough to meet Mark Leslie Lefebvre at a local writer's conference. He's kind, smart, funny, and tall. Recently, he invited me as a guest author on his Stark Reflections podcast, and I jumped at the chance. We talked about how I got started in the author business, organizing anthologies, and, of course, the unique joys of Pets in Space 6. Queue it up here: https://starkreflections.ca/2021/10/08/episode-214-collaborations-in-space-with-carol-van-natta/

Illustration of a griffin from Escape from Nova Nine, the author's Pets in Space story, for SF Pets, Podcast, and MoreAnd More 

Author JC Hay (“See How They Run” in Pets in Space 6) had me over to his place for virtual tea and crumpets. Oh, and to talk more about the wonderful, cute, and mysterious griffins in my story, “Escape from Nova Nine.” The post has an excerpt from the story, where the hero, Zade, meets a new griffin for the first time. Read more here: https://jchay.com/2021/09/special-guest-carol-van-natta/

Pets in Space 6 

“Escape from Nova Nine” is one of eleven brand-new, original, never-before-published novellas exclusively available in PETS IN SPACE 6. Buy it here: https://books2read.com/PISA6

Did you know Pets in Space 6 has a playlist? It's true! We compiled them all on YouTube just for you: https://bit.ly/PISA6-Playlist

Plus, I selected a second, bonus track to go with my story. Toneisha Harris performs this version of “I Want to Know What Love Is.” It's dedicated to Julke and Zade, who must overcome their past to trust each other with their hearts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eg1Zan5UA3U