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The Shady Pet Trade Industry

The Shady Pet Trade Industry of the Central Galactic Concordance. Photo of a brightly colored exotic fish with the words 'How about we give it wings?' underneath.

The Shady Pet Trade Industry in My Space Opera Series

The Galactic Pets Collection in my space opera series features three tales of adventure, romance, and pets. In the background of all three stories is the shady pet trade industry.

The Pet Trade Operates in the Shady Parts of the Galaxy

In the far future universe of my Central Galactic Concordance series, humans have made many advances in genetic engineering. Myriad laws protect humans from being subjects for “improvement.” The same goes for the natural animals (and plants, insects, etc.) that are key to successfully terraforming new planets. 

However, that leaves a whole gray area where there is money to be made. The pet trade gets around the laws by designing and breeding new animals that people want to buy. Just like in today’s world, with registered, responsible, caring breeders vs. criminally negligent backyard breeders, the futuristic pet trade has the same dynamic. Except they have much more powerful technology to play with… and fewer ethics.

Industry Makes Imaginary Pets Real

Pet trade designers come up with fantasy animals from history, mythology, or their own imagination. Genetic engineers combine source material from existing animals to realize the designer’s vision. You can think of shady pet trade industry designers as fashion designers Coco Chanel or Christian Dior, and the engineers are the legion of fabric buyers, pattern drafters, couture sewers and tailors, beading specialists, etc., who make it happen.

  • The story Pet Trade features a foo dog. They’re designed to look like a miniature version of the majestic lion depictions from Chinese culture. Foo dogs are cute, snuggly, and deadly, designed to protect their humans from attacks with poisonous bites. The story also features a designer’s fantasy, a six-legged, striped creature with two tails. He’s sweet-tempered despite his several health problems, and has willingly taken on the role of peacekeeper.
  • In Cats of War, the two cats who are (they will assure you) the main characters are similarly a designer’s fancy, with wings and pattern-morphing fur. In this case, a secret military project created them to bond with a human partner to be spies and thieves.
  • The pets in Galactic Search and Rescue include a hellhound. Hellhounds were originally designed by the pet trade as security status symbols for the wealthy. However, the military liked them so well they confiscated the patent and now breed them as hunter-trackers for conflict situations. The hellhound in this story failed military training because she likes people too much, but she's perfect for rescue situations.

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The Galactic Pets Collection

The Galactic Pets Collection paperback

A wounded veterinarian with trust issues and a cyborg with rescued pets… a tarnished military subcaptain investigating trouble and a repair technician hiding unusual cats… two star-crossed rescuers and an unorthodox team of animals…

🐾 In PET TRADE, an elite forces veteran crash lands on a frontier planet with a cargo full of designer pets and must seek the help of a talented but damaged veterinarian to help him save them and the town.

🐾 In CATS OF WAR, a repair technician hiding from her past must convince a tarnished military Subcaptain to help her save two special cats before trouble engulfs them all.

🐾 In GALACTIC SEARCH AND RESCUE, when disaster turns deadly, two star-crossed rescuers and an unusual animal team must save a community… and each other.

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These three stories debuted in the Pets in Space® anthologies. Want even more galactic pets? Check out Escape from Nova Nine!


The shady pet trade industry