Spark Transform

Journalism in the future. Central Galactic Concordance series. Space opera, adventure, romance.

Journalism in the Far Future In my space opera series, a free and independent press is one of the founding principles of the Central Galactic Concordance. In the far future, journalism has developed new methods, tools, and outlets. But the fundamental purpose is the same: to shine a bright light on the truth. The previous […]

When real life overtakes (science) fiction, the future is now

When Real Life Overtakes Fiction I write science fiction and fantasy, so I get to create imaginary things and events all the time. I also love reading about scientific advances, historical events, and fascinating people. They spark my muse, especially when they make me think, “Cool! What if….?”. However, sometimes this comes back to bite […]

Cover Reveal for Spark Transform

Cover Reveal for Spark Transform I’m thrilled to finally be able to post the cover reveal for Spark Transform (Central Galactic Concordance Book 5). I’d hoped to have this book out in December, but life kicked the ass of every deadline I set for this book. I’m probably tempting fate by telling you this book […]