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4 Reasons Paranormal Fans Will Adore Science Fiction Romance

4 Reasons Paranormal Fans Will Adore Science Fiction Romance

If you're a paranormal romance fan, I invite you to venture into the new worlds of science fiction romance. You'll find all the elements you love about paranormal romances, plus fresh stories to read. Here are 4 reasons why paranormal romance readers will enjoy SFR.

Discover a New World

Paranormal romance features the hidden world of magic. I love seeing how vampires, witches, and shifters keep their secrets while they blend into the modern world. Or how elves and fairies hide in plain sight and keep their connection to nature.

Science fiction romance features similar worlds. However, they aren’t hidden, they’re just a long way from Earth. Humans bring their own experience to other planets and sometimes bring new ideas that change everything.

Choose Adventure

I love the adventurous nature of PNR and SFR. They send me on journeys to places I’d never even dreamed of. The heroes and heroines have unexpected and fascinating experiences and backstories. Both make me want to explore their worlds, whether it’s a shifter’s wolf pack or an alien’s civilization.

Revel in the Familiar

Both PNR and SFR have tropes that romance readers know and love. For example, is family of choice your catnip? How about finding communities that celebrate a character’s differences—those same differences that made it impossible to stay home in the first place? And if you’re a sucker for growly alphas and kickass heroines, you’ll find plenty of them in both PNR and SFR.

Find Destiny and Love

Both PNR and SFR hold mirrors up to humanity, and celebrate the wonder of finding a place in new worlds. And of course, they both involve finding the perfect sentient being(s) to fall in love with. And finding love is also finding destiny, and sometimes, saving the world.

If you’d like to give science fiction romance a try, might I suggest the limited-edition Pets in Space 5 anthology? You’ll get 12 SFR novellas by award-winning and bestselling authors. Think of it as a sampler to see which stories and series you might like to read more of. And bonus—Pets in Space®benefits the fabulous Hero-Dogs.org charity. They raise and train service dogs for disabled veterans and first-responders. Pets in Space books have raised more than $15,000 for this organization in the last four years.

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P.S. My story in this year's anthology is Galactic Search and Rescue, set in my Central Galactic Concordance space opera universe. Two military first-responders are great at dealing with disasters, but not with their feelings for each other. Especially when their latest rescue might be their last.

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