A.I. Art for March 2023

A.I. Art for March 2023

I continue to dabble in A.I. art and enjoy the challenge. My MidJourney prompting skills are slowly improving, by which I mean that I get better results faster. And I'm learning when to abandon an approach and leave that concept for another day. To be honest, the results from the other services have recently been so disappointing that I've focused on MidJourney instead. This is my A.I. art for March 2023. Click the images below to see the bigger version. Please note that this is an image-heavy post.

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My friend's granddaughter is at the “I can color for hours” stage. My friend helps with the coloring, but complained to me about the boring designs that are either too simplistic or too insanely detailed. I'd seen some decent coloring pages done in MidJourney (MJ), so I asked what subjects would be fun to color. See the results below.

Coloring Pages from MidJourney

illustration of a young woman sitting in a round window, looking out at spaceships, generated by MidJourney Symbolic illustration of an open book with a circle above with a young girl reading in a garden, generated by MidJourney illustration of a cute baby fantasy animal with wings, generated by MidJourney
Prompt: adult coloring-in page::1 scifi scene, cockpit, view out spaceship window::1 simple, white background, thin black lines, elegant::1 black background, shadows, shading, letters, words, pencils, markers, watermarks::-0.5 
NOTE: MJ has a hard time with simplification. Even if you load your prompt with keywords like that, MJ wants to show you how clever it is. Sometimes it includes too much black (like the image above), and about one in ten images will be already colored in, which kind of defeats the purpose.
Prompt: minimalist, magic in everyday things, for coloring book
NOTE: I love this concept, but short, poetic prompts don't lend themselves to tweaking. I could use this as a seed image, or I could ask for variations on this image and ask for better precision on the illustration, but MJ very likely would take away the more charming aspects.
Prompt: adorable fantastic mythical beast, for coloring book
NOTE: My friend reported that her granddaughter adored this illustration and used all colors of the rainbow for the beastie.


MidJourney A.I. Art Wallpaper Images

Another fun project is creating wallpaper images for my computer displays. Yes, I have two monitors, and for the same reason I have multiple pieces of paper on my desk. By the way, none of the A.I. art services makes big enough images for my displays, so I use graphics software to up-size them. These turn out to be harder than you'd think to get decent images because the larger size also magnifies the A.I.'s limitations. For example, I prefer horses with just the one head, and kangaroos not to have deer legs. 

Surreal image of an alien forest with pine trees and multiple moons above, generated by MidJourney Illustration of a distant city skyline, all shades of purple, generated by MidJourney Purple and orange sunset with bright rays and stars
Prompt: alien forest, fog, mist, two distant moons, minimalist, surreal, blue teal green watercolor
NOTE: My criteria for wallpaper is that the image is fun to look at but doesn't distract me. Also, if the details are too busy, I'll never find my desktop icons.
Prompt: Futuristic weathercore megacity nightscape, glowing neon skyline, lake in foreground, stars and galaxy visible above –no people, watermark
 NOTE: MJ decided the distant city should be pink and purple.
Prompt: Art noveau, a sunny beach, bright sunset, sun reflecting off the ocean, hazy sky with stars starting to shine through detailed, fantasy environment, high resolution
NOTE: MJ is usually pretty good at guessing what you mean if you misspell words like “nouveau.” MJ seems to like purple. 


Random MidJourney Art

Sometimes MJ brings unexpected bounty, usually when I'm looking for something else. Amusingly, MJ still can't spell at all. These are some of the A.I. art images I like, even if I don't (yet) know what to do with them. These are all cats because that's how I like to roll. 😸

Illustration of an anthropomorphic cat in an imaginary Tarot card style, generated by MidJourney Fantasy illustration of a winged cat, generated by MidJourney Illustration of a stained glass window with a caracal-like feline as the subject, generated by MidJourney
Prompt: simple tarot card Strength, for coloring book, in the style of Moebius and Studio Ghibli Prompt: galaxy cat with wings, rainbowcore Prompt: stained glass window of a Caracal robot chimera surrounded by stars and comets




  1. You got great results! I dabbled, and got mixed results…and realized I could lose days to playing with MJ!

    I really like the Caracal robot stained glass image. I could see an entire religion built behind that image, the Caracal a god.

    Thanks for sharing your adventures!

    1. Thanks for the kind words.

      That caracal was a happy surprise. Good thing I write paranormal romances — I have the perfect inspiration for a caracal shifter in a future story. 😉

      The first couple of months with MJ, I spend hours and hours looking at prompts by others, then trying variations on my own. I had a fair amount of WTF images in the beginning. Now that I feel slightly more confident speaking MJ’s language, I get results quicker, so it’s less of a time-killer.

    1. They’re fun! Which reminds me that I need to try some with Version 5. So far, V 5 seems much more literal-minded, but we’re still in the very early days of the alpha release.

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