Author Cosplays Cat for Book

Author Cosplays Cat for Book; Lives to Tell the Tale

Once again, your author correspondent had the bright idea to cosplay her cat to promote her latest book. As the headline says, I lived. 😸

Galactic Search and Rescue, the latest story in my Central Galactic Concordance space opera romance series, has pets. Specifically, an unusual team of animals trained to help with rescues in the aftermath of disasters. The team includes two dogs, two cats, a genetically engineered weasel, an owl, and a rat (a futuristic version of today's hero rats). They wear harnesses to identify them as part of the GSAR team. Which is what gave me the idea for a costume for my cat.

Previous Cat Cosplays Adventures by the Author

This isn't a new endeavor, cosplaying my cat. For the record, he loves games that revolve around him. Also for the record, while I haven't learned my lesson, I have learned a few tricks from the other cosplays… er, games.

As I mentioned in this previous post, you have to pick the right cat. Also, if your sewing skills are iffy, it's better if someone else makes the costume. That is to say, it's easier to set up. You'll still have to chase the on-camera talent around the house if they aren't in the mood for your silliness.

Prepare the Costume for the Cat

Here's a photo of the costume I innocently imagined would be perfect. I took measurements and everything to make sure it would fit.

Cosplay costume for a cat

The blinking lights are extra, but very cute. However, animal clothiers have an odd notion of measuring chest circumference.


This is the star of our photo shoot, the Diplomat Cat. Though elderly, he's still up for any adventure with new and different activities. Kind of like your eccentric Aunt Effie who suddenly decides to convert her garage into a decorative art glass studio.

The cat who cosplays books

“Yes,” he says. “I will eat your ridiculous cosplay thing. Where would you like me to start?”


New for this year, I thought I'd try a green-screen background. Of course, I don't actually have a professional green screen, so I substituted a piece of bright green poster board. However. before I could set it up, the star took the opportunity to sprawl on it.

Cat on the green screen

The star was not impressed. “Two stars. Not as much fun as a box.”


The Perils of Photographing a Cat

Alas, when everything was set and ready to go, the star absolutely refused to look at the camera. Oh, he had excuses. He was bored. What was his motivation? His trailer had inferior quality tuna treats. I did catch him in an unguarded moment, when grooming took precedence over recalcitrance.

Cat, in cosplay costume, not interested in performing

Not ready for my closeup, silly author. Not today, not ever.


As a consolation prize, here's an excerpt from Galactic Search and Rescue so you won't go away empty-handed. In this scene, Taz, Rylando, and his animal team are checking out an earthquake damaged building.


Galactic Search and Rescue

When disaster response turns deadly, can two star-crossed Galactic Search and Rescue responders fight their own agency—and their feelings for each other—to save an entire town?

~ ~ ~

The lift’s sliding doors should have been closed, not gaping open to expose the shaft below. To the left sat the dogs Shen and Moyo, both watching him and Taz for orders. A quick check with his talent told him the cats were around the corner in the far hallway, investigating an interesting smell.

On the walls, static directional displays showed maps and listed occupants in that section of the L-shaped building. A separate display advertised the storage business in the basement, listing the features and prices for their units and reminded existing customers to use their access token to operate the lift. Too bad the building AI wasn’t speaking to Taz, or they could have queried it about the number of token uses that morning.

Pieces of the patterned ceiling littered the floor, especially near the dimly lit shaft.

Taz’s tone sounded in his earwire. “My scans say the decorative ceiling layer isn’t stable, but it’s thin. The denscrete above it is solid. I might be getting more lifesigns below ground to the west, but it could be echoes. The lift shaft is lined with more incalloy.”

The airsled’s results came back a moment later. “My scans confirm.” He was more inclined to agree with Taz’s theory about the settlement company running up the planet’s debt. It would have been cheaper to line the shaft with rainbow corundum crystals set in hand-wrought filigree.

He eased the airsled forward and grounded it. At his request, Moyo and Shen trotted over and jumped in the open side door. The two cats agreed to think about it.

Find out what happens next in Galactic Search and Rescue.


Bonus photo of the author's cat

The cat who prefers naps to stardom

Cosplay cat resting after a hard day's work on set.

stylized rocketship illustration of what's so special about pets in space