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Cover Reveal for Shifter’s Storm

Cover Reveal for Shifter's Storm (Ice Age Shifters Book 5)

At last I can present the cover reveal for Shifter's Storm (Ice Age Shifters Book 5). The fabulously spiffy cover for this and the rest the series are all designed by the very talented Amanda Kelsey of Razzle Dazzle Design.

Shifter's Storm starts a new mini-story arc that will continue for the next two books. I'll tell you more about that soon. I am in love with the characters in this story, but I could be the very tiniest bit biased. 😉

In the meantime, here is the most excellent cover.

cover reveal for Shifter's Storm

About Shifter's Storm

Deputy Sheriff Chantal Hammond is the grown-up daughter of Jackie Breton from Shifter Mate Magic. Chantal also made brief appearances in Shift of Destiny and Dire Wolf Wanted. Curiosity hasn't killed this leopard shifter yet, but this time, she's lost in a fairy fantasyland full of secrets. Aquatic Ice Age shifter Dauro de Mar just wants to save his friends and himself from being sold again. He never expected help to arrive in the form of the sexiest shifter he's seen in four hundred years.

Dauro is a prehistoric aquatic sloth, the water-loving cousin of the giant ground sloth. Cruel fairy magic forced him and his fellow captives to stay in their animal forms to prevent them from escaping. The old fairy is dead, but her nieces have big plans for their aunt's collection. Chantal has zero tolerance for anyone who sells shifters. Dauro and Chantal will have to fight danger—and their sizzling attraction—if they want to win their freedom.

About the Ice Age Shifters Series

As a quick reminder, here is the complete list of the Ice Age Shifters stories:

  • Shifter Mate Magic (Ice Age Shifters Book 1) ~ A pregnant woman on the run and the prehistoric bear shifter who says he's her mate make a desperate run to a magical sanctuary town.
  • Shift of Destiny (Ice Age Shifters Book 2) ~ A woman must embrace her magic and the sexy, mysterious shifter who just might be her mate, or a greedy billionaire will steal her away forever.
  • Heart of a Dire Wolf (Ice Age Shifters Book 3) ~ A dire wolf shifter and her would-be tiger-shifter mate must face down deadly hunters and greedy wizards in a mysterious northern town.
  • Dire Wolf Wanted (Ice Age Shifters Book 4) ~ Two extraordinary shifters must overcome their differences and combine their skills to prevent a war that threatens to engulf the magical world.
  • Shifter's Storm (Ice Age Shifters Book 5) ~ See above 💓

Read magical paranormal romance in SHIFTER'S STORM

Note: No, you're not crazy if this seems familiar to you. I announced the book earlier this year, but publication got delayed until now. 🌟

cover reveal shifter's storm