Farewell to Pets in Space 7

Farewell to Pets in Space 7

Farewell to Pets in Space 7, with the book cover image and a rocket

Just a quick reminder that Pets in Space 7 is a limited-edition anthology. They're only on the planet for a short visit. If you don't already have your copy, this is your last chance. Otherwise, it's farewell to Pets in Space 7 forever.

Don't miss out — get Pets in Space 7 before it's too late.



3 Reasons to Say Yes to Pets in Space 7

  • It's a fabulous bargain! 13 (yes, 13!) novellas for the price of one. They're brand new, original, never-before-published novellas, too.
  • Pets! They help the heroes and heroines with everything, from defeating the villain and saving the universe, to finding the love they deserve.
  • Anthologies are better than the best smorgasbords in town — you'll have so many choices, and you don't have to read them all in one sitting. 

Illustration of a genetically engineered griffin by Adrian DKC, based on the story An Entanglement of Griffins by Carol Van NattaPlus, if you're a fan of my stories, you get a new one from me. An Entanglement of Griffins features Lark Sutrio, who you first met in Escape from Nova Nine. When someone steals her telepathic griffins, she gets unexpected help from a mysterious, sexy pirate named Pim. The thieves don't know who they're messing with.

She gave up interstellar trading to run a sanctuary for genetically-engineered griffins. He's a space pirate sent by a friend to handle trouble. To save the sanctuary, they'll have to risk their freedom—and their hearts.



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