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New Captain at Pets in Space

New Captain at Pets in Space

New Captain at Pets in Space - illustration of a woman and a cat standing in a space station

You may have noticed that I've absolutely adored Pets in Space® concept and the charity it supports, Hero-Dogs.org. Enough so that I've contributed stories to three of the five anthologies since it started, including this year's Pets in Space 5. Today, I'm announcing that starting in 2021, I'll be the new captain at Pets in Space.

Pauline Baird Jones and Jean Walker (who writes as Veronica Scott) came up with the idea for a science fiction romance anthology and launched it. Through their leadership, Pets in Space landed on the USA TODAY Bestseller list for three years running. They've attracted NY Times and USA TODAY bestselling authors to write for them. More importantly, they've developed legions of fans who look forward to the next Pets in Space anthology. Pauline and Jean built a fabulous legacy. Check out the history.

Same Great Stories

In taking the captain's chair at Pets in Space, I'm looking forward to the challenge of delivering equally high quality science fiction romance stories with pets. To me, that's the heart of Pets in Space. I'm convinced that when we humans make it to the stars, we're taking our pets with us. Or inviting new alien pets into our lives when we find them.

For anyone who's asking, yes, there will definitely be a Pets in Space 6. I plan to keep the same early-October release date, and the same limited-edition time frame.

And if I have anything to say about it, there will be more Pets in Space anthologies in the years to come. Oh, wait, I do have something to say about it, since I'm the new Pets in Space captain. Welcome aboard!  🚀

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P.S. to Authors: I'll begin sending invitations to write for Pets in Space 6 in late January.

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