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New Space Opera Coming Soon & Cover Reveal

New Space Opera Coming Soon from Me

Mark your calendar for 25 August 2017—that's when my new novella, Last Ship Off Polaris-G, hits the star lanes. I'll be putting it up for pre-order a couple of weeks before. If you want to make sure you don't miss the space opera-adventure-romance goodness, sign up on this list to get a quick email when that happens.

Here's the exciting cover and a teaser description — I'll tell you more soon.

New space opera coming soon - Last Ship Off Polaris-G

A bureaucrat and an interstellar trader must overcome treachery and their broken past to save the last inhabitants of a dying planet.

Last Ship Off Polaris-G takes place a few years before the events in Overload Flux (Book 1), which is the start of the big damn story arc I've been building in the series. Last Ship Off Polaris-G introduces the Central Galactic Concordance universe, with hints and portents of the things—and people—to come.

By the way, I have an “Extras for Readers” page that has, well, extra information for readers of my science fiction series. It describes the classes of minders, the capitol city of the entire Concordance, and provides a pronunciation guide for the names of characters in the books.

Speaking of new space opera coming soon, occasionally, my characters send me galactic postcards, and I publish them in my newsletters (sign up here). Previous postcards came from Luka and Mairwen from Overload Flux and from Imara and Lièrén Sòng from Minder Rising. They have mild spoilers, so you should probably read the books first.

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