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Pets in Space Up for Preorder

Pets in Space Preorder is Here!

Preorder the new Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2 anthology and have it teleported to your ereader on release day!

Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2 is now available for preorder. Click your link below so you get all the pet goodness on the very first day.

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SPECIAL NOTE: 10% of the first month's profits go to Hero Dogs, a charity that supports U.S. veterans. Read all about the wonderful work they do, matching very special service dogs with very special veterans who need a helping paw.

What's in the anthology? Glad you asked!

“Pearl's Dragon (A Novella in the Dragon Lords of Valdier Series)” By S.E. Smith (New York Times/USA TODAY Bestselling Author). An old dragon warrior unexpectedly finds love with a human mate who is as creative and clever as she is dangerous — a perfect combination when poachers attack.

“A Grim Pet (A Novella in the Tornian Series)” by M.K. Eidem (USA TODAY Bestselling Author). Grim’s two young daughters discover an injured raptor and their love, faith, and kindness creates far-reaching consequences no one expects.

“The Prince, the Pilot, and the Puppy (A Novella in the Star Series)” by Susan Grant (New York Times/USA TODAY Bestselling, and RITA Award Winning Author). A talented starfighter pilot and a handsome prince rescue a starving puppy only to discover they are the ones that need saving.

“Wired for Love” by Michele Howard. A former soldier and a young woman must work together with a new four-legged friend to survive after an old enemy finds them.

“Rescued by the Cyborg (A Novella in the Cy-Ops Sci-fi Romance Series)” by Cara Bristol (USA TODAY Bestselling Author). A cyborg agent, haunted by his past, risks everything for an injured alien woman.

“Star Cruise: Songbird (A Novella in The Sectors SF Romance Series)” by Veronica Scott. A security officer aboard a spaceship finds his job complicated by his attraction to the interstellar singer he is assigned to protect and the bird he has inherited.

“Time Trap (A Novella in the Project Enterprise Series)” by Pauline Baird Jones. A time-traveling rebel and her parrot partner find themselves in a race against time and in hot water when they fall into the arms of a man who ignites a fire inside her.

“Courting Disaster: Stardog 2 (A Novella in the Inherited Stars Universe Series)” by Laurie A. Green. A commander of a spaceship must come to terms with his past while fighting his attraction to the woman he is escorting — a woman he thinks knows more than she does.

“Sensate (A Novella in the Alien Attachments Series)” by Sabine Priestley. A man must convince his former lover that he has changed in order to win her back and help his AI.

“Gib and the Tibbar (A Novella in the Galactic Defenders Series)” by Jessica E. Subject. A fierce alien warrior receives help from a furry friend to convince the woman he loves that she is the one for him.

Meet My Pet Shiza“Pet Trade (A Central Galactic Concordance Novella)” by Carol Van Natta. An elite forces veteran crash lands on a frontier planet with a cargo full of designer pets and must seek the help of a talented, but damaged veterinarian to help him save them and the town. Read a free excerpt

“Mascot (A Novella in the Aeon's Legacy Series)” by Alexis Glynn Latner. An interstellar auditor and the manager of a remote mining station must defend the station from attackers – with help from the station’s extraordinary mascot.

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